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A little brief about 2RAKU…

The little dream was started in 2014.
“We wanted to spread positive messages to the world via simple medium and we found that T-Shirt is a pretty good artboard for message delivering.”

2RAKU - “2” represents the 2 founders and “RAKU” means “pleasure” or “enjoyment” in Japanese, brings two happy guys into this exciting journey. The name is also derived from the word “Truck”, which has similar pronunciation in Japanese, “TORAKKU”. The TRUCK is a very big object which carries huge items including a person’s DREAMs. We had given our dreams a big space to perform, have you?

2RAKU is a dream of 2 funky guys who offer apparels (more on T-Shirts at this moment) and merchandises (coming soon) that lead you to the trend of current move. 2RAKU is working hard to come out with more items that delight you. So, feel the move, follow the rhythm, STAY TUNED and DREAM!!!

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