6 Fresh Way to wear a T-Shirt in a stylish way | Simple & easy outfit ideas

Minimal and comfy outfits are always the trend!
Published on 08 October 2017

Who says casual and fashionable are two words that you'll never see together?

T-shirt blends these two words perfectly. It makes you superb comfortable and fashion at the same time. 

One of the most important closet essential is T-shirt.

Whether you're relaxing in your favorite sweats or out and about in fancy skirt, T-shirt always brings a casual-cool vibe to whatever outfit you've got on.


Here we have 6 T-shirt outfits that you should learn it! 


#1 T-shirt // shorts

Who doesn't just love a worn-in and comfortable t-shirt?
A T-tshirt with short outfit is definitely the simplest fashion.
And it is nearly impossible that you can't find a Tshirt and short in your wardrobe. 
Don't feel unconfident because of its simplicity.
Minimalism is the key in this era of fashion!

However, first and foremost, you need to have a perfect fitting t-shirt.
Pay attention to the "FIT" word as it really makes a huge difference.

If you still find it too simple, spruce up a t-shirt is by pairing it with a cute structured jacket or a cardigan. 

It doesn't get any more straightforward than a black-and-white outfit.
When in doubt, pull out your basics.
 A plain white tee is your best friend when you're not feeling fashionably creative.


#2 T-shirt // skirts

Another easy way to wear t-shirt and still look cute is to tuck it into a skirt.
Short skirt that is slightly high-waisted is recommended especially for girls with a little of height issue~
It's dressy enough to wear it for a date because it is not too fancy and brings out the best comfort.
Pair this look with wedges -- stilettos can look strange with something as casual as a graphic tee -- and finish the look with a quirky fedora and statement ring.

Another one way to make good use out of your maxi skirt is to pair it with a t-shirt.
It's bold but with the right amount of confidence, it's easy to pull off!
It would be even better with a monochrome tee, where you can knot it right where the skirt begins for an ultra-chic look.
Finish the outfit with a simple sling bag and ballet flats or sandals.


#3 T-shirt // slipdress

Slip dress is the masterpiece design that will never go out of trend. 
If you still think that slips should be hidden away under your dress. You're wrong because we’re about to turn your world upside-down.
What may have originally been worn as a layering piece has found its way to top level exposure. 

Your layering game goes next-level with a subtle floral print under silky slip dress. 
Don’t want to show off too much skin?
Layer your slip dress over a T-shirt. Wear this look with flat sandals to stay casual. 

Pair your black slip dress with a simple Tshirt, with lace shoes to emphasise your femininity.


#4 T-shirt // culottes

Culottes is a rather loose and flowy pants that typically hang right below the knee, but can sometimes be shorter like shorts or longer in a midi length.
When worn, culottes usually hang and look like a skirt – except their pants, which is kind of awesome.

Culottes are super comfy and they’re perfect for summer because they’re breezy, chic, and look better without lots of layers.
You should really make them a part of your wardrobe!

Not into the more stylish look? It's time to keep your culottes super casual with slip-on sneakers and a soft tee. 


#5 T-shirt dress

T-shirt dress can also be called as tee dress.
They are the perfect one piece that is simple and fashionable.
If you are already running late in the morning to work or class, try this out because you won't waste a lot of time to decide what to put on.
This outfit definitely makes you ready in 10 minutes. 
You can never go wrong with wearing a simple cotton T-shirt dress for a casual look – add in a skinny belt to slightly reveal your body shape then complete your look with some simple accessories.

It is always recommended to choose a monochrome color for T-shirt dress~
Remember the main outfit principal:

You don't want to have more than THREE colors in your outfit.


#6 T-shirt // overalls

If you are a huge fan of korean fashion or K-wave, you definitely loves overalls with T-shirt outfit. 
Overalls are the cutest outfits ever!
When most people thought of overalls, the first image that popped into the mind was a child wearing a baggy pair with dorky wire-rimmed glasses, wearing a floppy flower hat. 
Who says a big girl can't wear it?! 

Keeping things simple and classic by pairing slim-fit overalls with a plained/striped shirt and some accessories.
Another summery option is overalls and a crop top. This is also great if you want to wear a crop tee without showing too much skin. 

Keep things super simple and casual by pairing baggy overalls with a classic plained tee and sneakers. 
Couldn’t be easier – or more comfy! 

Get the tips now?
Then wear on your favourtie t-shirt in a stylish way today!

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