Trending Korean Ulzzang Street Fashion tips that you shouldn't miss.

Easy tips to show you how to be an Ulzzang.
Published on 25 October 2017

Ulzzang Fasion has been viral phenomenon and trending for years. If you're a K-pop fan, this is a fashion trend that you should not miss. So what does Ulzzang means?

Basically, Ulzzang means "good looking" or best face in Korean. It is a fashion trend utilizing proper makeup and outfits to showcase their best appearance. The Ulzzang look  an effective method to gain more traction on social media.

Ulzzang Fashion is not about curated perfection, but to emphasize on effortless casual-ism.

How should I dress up to look like an Ulzzang to gain more likes on instagram for my #ootd ?
Here are the tips!


1. Oversized T-shirt

Yea, it is as easy as an oversized T-shirt! The basic Ulzzang look  is to wear a oversized T-shirt. You could choose the basic colors , even loud printed T-shirts. Pastel T-shirts make you look cute and adorable, while loud printed shirts brings about that casual and street fashionista look. Remember, tuck in your shirt to avoid looking sloppy.


2. Denim Jacket

There is no doubt that denim jacket is the perfect outerwear for the youngsters for that hipster look. Every ulzzang inspired adult should definately have an Denim jacket in your wardrobe. Matching it with a T-shirt inside, and a denim jacket outwear, and you are ready to go.


3. High Waisted Bottom

Any shorts, skirts or  jeans, can bring about that Ulzzang look as long as it is high-waisted. They hide front flab, love handles or even belly bulges that you want to tuck away. They make you look slimmer and distort the perception of the waistline, which makes you look taller. If you have the perfect pairs of legs like the K-pop stars, this is the chance for you to show off your gorgeous assets with the high waisted shorts or skirts! The Ulzzang usually match their high waisted bottoms with Tucked in tops.  Try crop top If you would like to be a sexy Ulzzang! Match it with a long jacket along your high waisted bottom shorts, to make your legs look longer and slimmer.


4. Sneakers

For the Ulzzangs, sneakers are the ultimate choice of footwear. This is what we mean by the unintentional casuality of fashion. Some argue that flip flop are too casual but you might lose your fashion credibility when matching with your ulzzang outfit.  Basic colours sneakers are good enough to show the Ulzzang look. Some might pair with patterned high socks to show the funkiness.

Now you get the idea of Ulzzang look? It is really all about being  casual effortlessly.

The point is to wear loose clothes with cute pastel colors. Wear comfy clothes. There is no rules of Ulzzang fashion, as long as you get the casual concept.

Try out different outfit matches to get the Ulzzang fashion sense. Try out with your friends! And at last, take a picture, and post your #ootd on instagram. You would be surprised with the number of likes you get.

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