6 Stylish Korean-Inspired Looks You Can Totally Try | 20's Girls Must-Try Korean Outfit

Dressing like a Korean is not hard at all!
Published on 11 October 2017

With Korean's growing influence in the fashion world, you may wonder how to be the first to try out the latest trends yourself.

From streetwear to super ka-wa-ii looks, Koreans are stylish with any outfits!

We can be as fashionable as them and here are some guide on how to dress!  

To help you out, here we listed below 6 Korean-inspired outfit combinations that you can wear to school, to the mall, or even to work!


#1 Pajamas outfit

Yes, don't be shocked!

You can just wear a pajamas out for date~ Sleepwear as your top is the current trend.
If you are considering about comfort, then this style is made specially for you.

Of course, it shouldn't be crumply like you’re wore yesterday night when go for bed?
If it’s your first time trying out the look, pay careful attention to the color — monochrome color will never go wrong!
You also don’t have to wear a full pajama set. Try a pajamas shirt with a pair of jeans or a simple tee and pajamas pants.

Pajamas outfit makes you look really dressed up but not like you have just rolled out of the bed~


#2 Chokers

Chokers are back in style and tt's a must if you want to look cool!

 Chokers might seem a little bit intimidating. First of all, they don’t seem that comfortable. 
Something tight wrapping around your neck, isn’t a good experience.
However, if you can sacrifise the comfortable. It will definitely make you cool and naughty!

Pair your choker with other retro items like round sunglasses or high-waisted jeans. 
Crop top is a great combination that will make you standout like a fashion presenter that literally stepped out from a lifestyle magazine cover.


Add a choker to a slightly formal outfit, like a blouse or shirt with buttons.
You will looks more classy and smart.


Pairing a choker with an off-the-shoulder top is also a suggested set.
It will allow you to shine brightly along anywhere that you have walked pass!


#3 Culottes

Culottes are one of the year's biggest trends and it's definitely here to stay!

Culottes is suitable for formal and casual occassion.
It all depends on how you combine them but they are definitely gorgeous.
It is extremely important to go for high-waisted to reveal your shape and bodyline better.

Being simple is the advice because sticking to neutral tones and accessories when wearing a culottes is the easiest way to maximise your style!
Recommend trousers with colour palette of black, white, cream and brown to shine.


Match our culottes colour same with your top.
Co-ordinating culottes to match your top gives a smart and rather elegant look. 


You can never go wrong with a black and white ensemble–pair.
Black culottes with a white tee and white sneakers for a chic and minimalistic appearance. 


Pair your white culottes with a simple tee for a monochromatic look you can wear daily.
Layer over a denim jacket to make you look cool and it will never goes wrong!


#4 Ripped jeans

Are you looking for outfit ideas that are intensively stylish to other level?

There’s none other better fashion item rather than a pair of jeans. 
To stand out, choose the ripped jeans !

If you don't have one yet please make one because ripped jeans gives out a strong dosage of hardcore coolness to any outfit !
Please test your DIY skill with your boyfriend's jeans before trying it on your jeans!
Click here to learn about DIY RIPPED JEANS
In fact, destroyed denim looks seriously street-chic and attention grabbing.

There are various kinds of ripped jeans.
Some are ripped in a mild way while some are ripped in a wild way.
If you love a super lazy and casual look, you can just choose one jeans with big holes; if you don’t want to go wild, you can choose jeans with a few mild scratches instead.


Feeling adventurous and inspirated?
Put on a pair of fishnet tights before wearing your ripped jeans.


If you think fishnet tights is too wild, then try out fishnet stocking which will also give you the same element of sexiness. 


#5 Two-piece dress 

Korean and Japanese are famous in their dress layering.
Therefore, two-piece outfits are always a hot trend in korean fashion.

Grab a t-shirt and wear beneath as the first layer.
From plain tees, crop top to turtlenecks sweaters, the options are endless.
Or try on a slip dress with sneakers and a loose tee to get a "Girl-Next-Door" impression with this outfits. 



Complete your outfit with a tote and sneakers, plus don't forget your socks!


A blouse fits so well with the a slip dress~
Remember to try it out!


#6 Oversized outfit

Koreans love to wear loose-fitting clothing alternative to those figure-hugging ones.
The swag is to go loose because it makes you look slimmer and adorable in proportion. 

When styling oversized clothes can be quite tricky.
It is important to understand the balance in order to avoid confused stares from others.
The idea is to pair a loose oversized top with a tight bottom outfit.
For example, if you wear a oversized sweater. It is encourageable to wear a pencil skirt.
Beside that, you can pair skinny jeans or shorts with a oversized top.

It will looks weird if you don't pair them in the opposite pattern.
Try imagine a oversized top and a baggy bottom which is both loose at the same time. 


Have you mastered all the korean outfit styling tips?
Cheers & Happy Styling Girls!

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