5 Ways to Mix and Match Colors In Your Outfit

Clueless about color-matching? Then you should read this articles!
Published on 27 October 2017

"Are you done? We are running late already!"

"Give me 10 more minutes! I still can't decide which outfit should I choose and match!"

Do you find the situation above very familiar?

Did you always stand in front of the full-length mirror with the wardrobe open, looking at your bed that full of clothes and yet still can't decide which outfit to wear and how to match it well?

Well then, before introducing the 5 ways of mix and match color in your outfits , probably you would like to understand about color wheel first and please keep this COLOR WHEEL in your mind all the time as it really helps you a lot in the color-matching, trust me!

Below is the image of the color wheel.

Why would this color wheel so important in mix and match?

As you can see that the color wheel consist of many in-between tones (like yellow-orange and blue-green), warm and cool versions of key shades (warm orangey red, cool bluish red), that offers the same help when you’re putting together an outfit. It pulls out a single hue, mix opposing or bordering colors to reveal a range of palettes that are scientifically proven to look gorgeous. Now, do you understand the theory of the color wheel? Keep this color wheel in your mind while going through the tips later on. 


1. Similar Colors For Monochromatic Looks

Let's just start with the simplest way of matching first. It is a common sense on everyone's mind that the easiest way is to putting similar color together in your outfit.

You could go with monochrome color with a light and dark variations of one color or probably matching two colors that are next to each other from the color wheel, the results would turns out simple yet beautiful.


2. Complementary Colors To Create Pops

If you wish to wear something that could stand out from the crowd and grab attention from your surrounding without looking like a weirdo, you probably wanna try out this with the use of complementary colors.

Complementary colours lie directly across and opposite from each other on the wheel. It will create a huge visual contrast which will enhance both colours. For example red and green, orange and blue etc (refer to the color wheel below). These colors will often “pop” against one another for a bright outfit, making you stand out more. 


3. Neutrals

If you just want to keep your outfit as simple as possible, perhaps you could just go with the color theme - neutrals. It is a very simple color-matching, just always remember that black, beige, brown and white (these are so-called the classics shades and your bestfriend). 

Why it is so?
These colours could mix well with all of the color easily and balancing out an outfit. Isn't it very easy? 


4. Classic - Black and White 

As mentioned above that black and white is your bestfriend because they are the classics color. Why don't just make use of it and go out with black and white only? Some may think that black and white is simply boring because of its dullness but HEY!

If you really know how to style it, it can actually give impression such as swag, cool, classics, gorgeous, elegant, adorable and many many more! Photos below show the different outcome of the black and white matching outfit. 


5. Pastel Color

Pastel is a color that is trending since 2016 and it is popular among women especially teen girls as it is considered as a feminine color full of sweetness and calmness that would make one looks younger. Guess which color is most favoured by women? Pink?

Surprisely is Blue! Quite a number of girls think that pink is too girlish to the extend that it is too hard to pull off especially if you are having a tanned skin. While blue is easier to be pulled off as it is suitable on all skin colors.

People always thought that only baby pink and blue is considered as pastel color because once they are popular due to the pantone colour in year 2016. There are a lot of other pastels colour you should check out and maybe soon you will become their fan!



"Are you done? We are getting...... Oh wait? You already done? Okay let's go!"

Perhaps this is the one that you will hear it next time. So, good luck in trying these color combinations! 



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