How to prevent aging and awaken your inner beauty

4 tips on the basic daily activities that will make a changes to your body
Published on 21 June 2017

Beauty is a mere reflection of your health. We often get carried away with what foundation to use, what mascara to apply that we often forget the basic. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be your top-beauty tip. 



“You are what you eat!” perhaps the key priority in being healthy is maintain a balance diet. Have at least 5-7 portions of vegetables and fruits a day to ensure sufficient fibers. Fibers help reduce cholesterol levels, and excreting toxins from your body. Make sure you limit fats, sugars and high salt items as much as possible. 

Vitamins are also vital to our general health which are usually required in limited amounts. Nevertheless, some of them might be missing in our everyday diet and this where you start shopping for supplements. 

•    To keep a healthy skin, take Vitamin A which also improves vision and acts an as vanguard against infections. 
•    To have a wonderful smile, take vitamin C to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Remember those nasty smile you often see in the Pirates of the Caribbean? That caused by a medical condition called Scurvy due to lack of Vitamin C. 
•    To have healthy strong hair, skin elasticity, and fighting brittle nails. Take Vitamin B complex which consists of a series of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. Vitamin B are highly water-soluble are nourishes the cells.
•    To decelerate skin aging. Take Vitamin E acts against free radical that accelerates the ageing problems. Vitamin E has that basic antioxidant properties that everyone should take. 
Taking correct vitamin supplements are probably the easiest solution for most people.

Hack: Vitamin B-Complex, Multi-Vitamins


Drinking more water

The recommended water consumption per day 3.7L for males and 2.7 Liters a day for female. Sadly, most of us are not consuming that amount water due to various reason. Remember that once you feel thirsty, means you are already dehydrated. Also, most of us tend to forget to drink due to excessive workload. Some ladies even drink less water to avoid going to the toilet. Here are couple of reasons why you should drink more water.

•    Drinking more water is an effective weight loss method. It is not because of any magical properties that water possess but we are effectively substituting higher calorie beverages with a zero-calorie option. So next time you are feeling the urge for soda, grab a glass of water instead. 
•    Water also help decelerate skin aging. The skin acts a protective barrier to prevent fluid losses. While dehydration would make you skin dry and wrinkle, drinking more water while using moisturizer to prevent excessive water loss is the perfect solution to stop skin ageing.

Hack: Green Tea, Red Wine



Another top beauty tip is to exercise regularly. We are not referring to preparing for your next triathlon, but regular everyday workouts. Regular workouts gives you that healthy glowing look that is unattainable otherwise. The rewards of exercising extend beyond burning off excesses calories, encompassing additional benefits.

•    Exercising is equivalent to mini-facials. During work out sessions, facial pore dilates and excrete dirt that were previously trapped. Do remember to wash your face prior working out to prevent gunk from sticking back into the pores. 
•    Exercising also improves blood flow via dilated arteries to the skin. Providing extra nourishment for skin repairs for damaged incur during exposure to sunlight or environmental pollutants. Working out is also a great confidence booster that seems to radiate with certain physique and charisma. 
•    People who exercise regular also have a greater sense of self-worth and being more confident which is evident before any physical changes takes place. Improvement is sleep quality is also another benefit of working out. 
•    Exercise sharpens the body’s sensitivity to the stress hormone cortisol, which can enhance sleep. Sleeping better leaves you looking fresh and healthy, eliminating those nasty dark circles.

Hack: Cardio-Exercise, Swimming, Yoga


Proper Sleep

Proper sleep might be the key to your fountain of youth. Your body repair itself and recover while you sleep that leads to long list of benefits to your looks. The key is to get enough shut-eye on your daily basis (7-9 hours per day)

•    Collagen are manufactured when you snooze, which is part of the repairing process that prevents sagging. More collagen is likely to reduce wrinkling of the skin and plumper skin. Rate of wrinkling is twice as fast when sleep is reduce to less than 5 hours a day. 
•    Plenty of sleep reduces dark circles due to increase blood flow. It has been widely documented that the blood flow reduces with lack of sleep that collects under the eye resulting in dark circles.
•   The probability of hair-loss is also mitigated by getting enough sleep. Nutrients, vitamin transfer are impede by the low blood flow as a consequence of lack of sleep. Hence, the hair get less food and hence weakening occurs. 

Hack: Meditation

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