Afraid to get real tattoos? Don't worry, We got you!

Temporary tattoos that can enhance your looks and make you shine bright like a star.
Published on 13 October 2017

Are you afraid of the pain of getting a tattoo and also the redness of your wound?

Don't worry, We got you people! Now you can have temporary tattoos as easy as ABC. Temporary tattoos are like stickers that you can stick on your hand or any part of your body.

So, what are you waiting for?


Look at all these cute little temporary tattoos! Aren't they adorable?


For food-lovers who can't stop eating. This will helps reveal your true passion for food with style!


These black coloured tattoos are so aesthetic right?

Black is the best colour to match with which ever outfit you are wearing. You can match all these tattoos with all your outfits, either casual or formal. It really enhances your look and appearance.


Besides, there are temporary tattoos that are coloured ones. If you feel black tattoos are too simple and mainstream for you, these are the ones for you people! Below are a few examples of coloured and more popular kind of patterns from this shop.


Unicorn lover? These are specially made for you. This is the latest trend around.


Are you a hardcore football fan? Let me tell you something. 

They even have tattoos of various football teams! Check it out.


For safety reason, please prevent children below 3 years old, pregnant woman or people with sensitive skin to avoid any itchness. Products like these are actually proven safe to use for everybody.

Normally tattoos can last for at least 2-3 weeks or even a month if you don't rub on it often.
Here's a little tip! If you guys want to remove your temporary tattoo, you can use baby oil, hand sanitizer or alcohol along with a cotton ball to rub it out. Then cleanse your hand and you are done!

Easy peasy right? Get one and have fun!


These pics are from The Ink Book. If you wanna get your temporary tattoo, do visit their page or follow their Instagram @theinkbook for even more products and news about them!

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