You need to learn these unbelievable 5 tips in Mixing & Matching Color for that ultimate Korean Look!

Good ootd is all about right color mix.
Published on 15 November 2017

For most of us, the ability to mix colors in a favaourable manner are learnt over countless variation and conformation of acceptance. And like any ability, having the right guide would leapfrog your ability and understanding of the topic. Interested to learn more about Korean style trends? It's basically about splashes of color mixing and matching different types of ensembles.

Here's how to mixmatch, and make them your own.

First, keep it in the family.
It's pretty straightforward: pastels with pastels, earth tones with earth tones, jewel tones with jewel tones.

Then you can follow a color tone to mix and match your outfit of the day~


#1 Black and White

When you're talking about colors, "complimentary" actually means "opposite." Black and white, for instance, are complimentary colors. That's why they look so great together, as the saying goes, "opposites attract." 

Style 1: A white sweat shirt paired with a black tennis pleated skirt, looking comfy and causal. Finish the look with a black tote bag if you are going to campus.

Style 2: It works just as good in the opposite way. Black tee with white skirt, it completes a young street fashion look.

Style 3: OL suit is best matched with black and white, this color combination will never go wrong and it helps you look professional.

Style 4: Korean outfit is famous in in their dress layering. A Two-piece outfits are always a hot trend in Korean fashion. Keep it simple when you choose the black-and-white color mix & match.

Style 5: BFF outfits is easily matched if you choose a color mix & match. If you want to be cool badass today, just wear black and white.


#2 Baby Blue

Pastels are fun and places a youthful twist on color, and they’re appropriate all year ’round. Different shades of the same color or similar colors almost always look good together (yes, this includes navy blue and baby blue). If you want to wear in blue, then make your outfit in different blues~ 

Style 1: Navy blue pajamas shirt matched perfectly with the light blue short jeans. You can match with white accessories such as sandals and tote bag if you don't want to wear all-blue ootd. White is always a perfect match for any colors.

Style 2: Stripe blue tee paired with a dark blue short jeans can be the most simple wear as a school outfit. A navy blue backbag make you look younger than usual. 

Style 3: If you find it hard to wear in all blue, try to mix with black and white. A baby blue cardigan paired with a white tee and a black skirt is always a right mix and match as black and white always suit with any colors.

Style 4: Grey sometimes looks great when mix with soft colors such as baby blue and white. A white sweater paired with baby blue button skirt paired perfectly with a grey knit bag. It makes you so "Korean" in such outfit.

Style 5: You can't deny that baby blue and white outfit look so cute in BFF outfit. Try to grab one now!


#3 Baby Pink

Do not afraid to embrace your feminine sides! If baby pink only makes you think of baby showers and tutus, maybe it's time to reconsider. Not only is it flattering on most skin tones, but it's also a great color for transitioning into spring and it is definitely liked by all girls.

Style 1: It's subtle enough that you can literally wear it from head to toe. A baby pink set of top and skirt makes you look elegant and chic!

Style 2:You will be looking super elegant in this blush pink one pice dress, paired with white sneakers and simplistic sling bag to compliment the style.

Style 3: If you are a pink lover, you definitely gonna to love this pink two piece outfit. You look fabulously feminine in this outfit.

Style 4: Who says pink cannot be in OL suit. A baby pink shirt and a short white mermaid skirt which make you looks utterly gorgeous in this ultra feminine style.

Style 5: Baby pink BFF outfit is the one you should really own. You and you friend will be so cute and sweet when wearing together.


#4 Khaki

Girls seem prefer Khaki clothing during fall and winter. There is no special requirement for wearing a khaki outfit. All you have to do is to match a right color of with your khaki tops/bottoms such as white or camel. 

Style 1: A perfect autumn look is what like shown below. A white long sleeves weather paired with khaki skirt, with a camel scarf. 

Style 2: Grab a white long sleeves shirt and wear beneath as the first layer. And try on a khaki slip dress with sneakers to get a "Girl-Next-Door" impression with this outfits. 

Style 3: Khaki will look gorgeous on a winter coat. This simple style is the perfect winter combination!

Style 4: Freshen up your winter wardrobe with an injection of khakis horn button coat which is pretty famous in Korean winter outfit. 

Style 5: BFF outfit is all playing with the same color palette. She wears a khaki top, you wear a khaki slip dress.


#5 Maroon Red

Maroon seems to come back during the fall/winter season; this colors are amazing when you know how to pair them right. Maroon is a staple color for fall in women wear. A monochromatic maroon outfit is both a stylish and understated look for women. 

Style 1: Marron slip dress paired with white turtleneck sweater is a perfect outfit for autumn season. Finish the look with a neutral beige color of small sling bag.

Style 2: Wear a maroon-blue plaid skirt with a maroon sweater and a pair of black sneaker. A simple and comfy look that is functional as well as stylish. Keep it relaxed, as it is suitable for school outfit.

Style 3: If you don’t fancy wearing head-to-toe maroon, contrast the deep, rich hue of maroon sweater with a white shirt inside as the first layer. Pairing it with a black skirt and it looks great!

Style 4: The best way to keep your maroon outfit palate classic is to wear any maroon piece with other maroon pieces. The top can be strip pattern with other color like beige to make it more light and elegant. 

Style 5: Looking for a matching outfit to wear with your best friend? Maroon match is a good idea.

Wanna to dress like a Korean girl? Just mix it right in color combinations will do!

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