Wardrobes tips from the young Japanese dress-up artist Fujitanami!

Latest net idol from Japan teaches how to dress casually and her everyday look.
Published on 29 June 2017

The innocent yet beautiful @Fujitanami has become our daily inspiration for selecting outfits. If being classy and graceful is your style, look no further, as @Fujitanami will be your sole inspiration. 

Introducing @Fujitanami, one of the most followed natural beauties on the SNS social application. Her gentle demeanor combined with her innocent looks, complemented my her fashion choices has managed to bring the internet by stop. In addition to taste in clothings, being a skilled make up artist and hairstylist further completes her OOTD look. 


Retro laid back look

Some styles always stands the test of times, and will never go out of style. @Fujitanami to combine this look using casual-retro Japanese outfils along with  feminine French inspired designs. Pairing with simple accesories, she manage to present a unique look that is suitable for an a casual or a formal settings. 


Matured and intelligent look

Utilizing simple accesories such as necklace or  pair of earings, resulting a matured and sophisticated look. Choosing dull colored outfits while matching with highly constrast accesories to brings out an elegant look that never fails to steal the gazes from passers-by. Therefore, it is a recoomended choice for those who are looking for some inspiration for office wear.  



For those Japanese fashion followers, you would probably noticed the importance of picking the perfect hat. It may be a baseball cap, fedora or simply a straw hat, @Fujitanami never fails to deliver a winning combination. She has inspire many to think of hats while deciding on outfits. instead of an afterthought. 


Fresh and unique hairdos

We can also opt to use hairband or curls to bring out the unique look. A suitable hairstyle with a simple outfit is a practical approach to look fabulous. To look sweet and youthful , you may opt for  curly bangs with large curls and finish it off with a good hat. Twisted braids might be a approach for that simple yet clean look. 

To know more about her fashion choices, you can follow her on the social app @Fujitanami. Her claim to fame has been the result of her consistent  fashion choices and many ladies looks up to her as a benchmark for tasteful fashion.

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