The 6 Must-Have Trendy Jackets for 2018

Jackets that Everyone Should Have in Their Closets in 2018
Published on 27 December 2017

Jackets are great for keeping yourself warm in the colder months ahead, they are also a perfect fashion item to compliment and complete your outfit.

Entering 2018, here's our list of 6 essential jackets and coats to consider adding to your wardrobe.


#1 Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are probably the most indispensable out of all the essential jackets on this list. These jackets are the most worthwhile investment because these are so practical, they match with almost anything! Whether layered up with a T-shirt and jeans or worn over a flirty dress in warmer months, the denim jacket is a must-have for a reason: It always makes you look cool. Feel free to go with a cut that suits your style. Denim jackets come in a variety of colours and washes. Go for a lighter wash for a casual look, and a darker wash for special occasions. 


#2 Boyfriend Blazer

Blazers are essential for a formal OL look, but you could wear them on a casual night out too. They come in different cuts, styles, and colours. Some are even lined with cute patterns to bring out a more mischievious element for the jacket. They are versatile in a sense that you can have them on depending on the situation. Go for a casual look by wearing a blazer with the sleeves rolled up and with jeans. Pair a blazer with a shimmery blouse and skirt for a dramatic evening look. Blazers can make you appear sporty, intelligent, and fun, as well as keep you warm.


#3 Bomber Jacket

Sportswear is definitely having a moment on the runway right now, and what beats having a bomber jacket in your wardrobe to bring out this trend in your daily life? With its military fighter pilot origins, this jacket will instantly give you an swaggy look. Ladies would love to wear the ones with floral prints cause it gives off a real feminine tone while being cool. These are the best to wear with skirts, pants and denims.


#4 Boho Jacket

Boho chic is one of our all-time favorite style vibes, but it can be tricky to pull it off well. Boho style of long printed jacket is trending nowadays. A great boho outwear will be a piece that you would turn to for cool bohemian outfits. The best ones are simple, solid-colored, and you can simply wear something simple underneath.


#5 Cardigan

The cardigan has gained the reputation as something comfy best suited for raining days. For most people the perfect length is mid hips or just below the hipline. Shorter cardigan is a good choice for those around 150-155cm. Longer cardigan is nice to pair it with heels or wedges to appear slimmer. 


#6 Blouse

Who says blouse is just to be worn as blouse? Koreans have made it a trend to wear it casually as an outerwear. In tropical hot climate, it is more useful as it can be outwear as a jacket at the same time. It is think enough to avoid us from sweating and protect our skin from UV light. You can find for plaid or strip pattern of blouse other than the monochrome colors one. Just button down the shirt. It will be a jacket right away and the right way!




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