Top 4 Sexy Korean Outfit Ideas that don't overdo it!

Be a sexy lady is not that hard~
Published on 06 September 2017

With Korean's growing influence in the fashion world, you may be wondering how you can try out the korean trends yourself. Korean fashion isn't all about the sexy skin-baring getups and pa-cute costumes idols wear on stage.

Here we have 4 different KOREAN outfit ideas to appear sexy on your vacation or dates!
Check it out now!


#1 Off the shoulder fashion

Shows off the shoulders: This style is very flattering because it shows off just the right amount of skin, which is part of what makes these tops so striking.

Always remember to tuck in your shirt!

Tucking in your shirt cleans up your whole look and show your wasitline.

You will definitely look more slimmer~

You can emphasise your femininity in the super cute floral print dress, with an off-the-shoulder structure for heightened style.

Off the shoulder top or dress outfits look amazing with chokers:

Because there's no fabric anywhere near the neck, chokers look amazing with these tops. 


#2 Crop top fashion

crop top is one of sexy korean outfits must-haves, so be daring to reveal your little waist in these cute crop tops.

Crop tops are stylish enough with any outfits and they bring you an effortlessly chic look. They can be wild and sexy, and they can also be pretty and sweet.

What’s more, they can still be a casual-chic and carefree style.

Since the hem of your top is cut short, add height to the waist of your bottoms so only a coy glimpse of skin is on display.

You can wear your crop tops with shorts // skirts // pants that are high-waisted~




#3 Sleeveless top fashion

Choosing the correct style of sleeveless shirt can help flatter the body, though the right selection depends upon the body shape of the person wearing the shirt. 

Wearers can enhance the shape of their body with different prints and styles of sleeveless shirts.

Halter tops allow a woman to have a large amount of her back and shoulder blades uncovered.

If the wearer has long hair, the neck strap of the halter top may be hidden, which can give the impression that nothing is holding up the top.


It’s entirely possible to go sleeveless while still flattering your arms.

Try a v-neck sleeveless top to highlight your collarbone and neckline while drawing attention away from your arms.


#4 Bare back fashion

Show your back! First of all it looks elegant from the first sight. To be sexy you not really need to show your boobs, just make it fun by playing your bare back.

It will be a mysterious game with men, like you are covered with clothes, but in the meantime your are almost naked.

The best part of this trend is that you can choose by yourself of how much you want to show off your skin, as you can display just a little bit or make it wide open.

The backless looks are ideal for street style looks. 

Let's dress like a sexy Korean today!!!

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