Nini Ouyang's “N ways to show love“.

How she single-handedly created a chic, swag, contrasting street wear brand.
Published on 14 March 2018

Nini Ouyang single-handedly planned a 3-day XOONOOX flashbang to showcase XOONOOX x SEMIR in their pop-up store. A sweet, innocent looking Nini Ouyang has claimed that despite her looks, she actually likes stylish streetwear. In her uniquely styled and designed series of “ Comfortable Life “ showcase, the vintage work and her style matched in a way no one could have expected. It made everyone feel like she is really serious this time! Her photo shoot was also done in New York. Let’s now check out her hard work!

How did she conceive the idea of creating her own brand? Nini Ouyang claims that it’s because both her sister and her loves drawing, and adore the streetwear style. They thought it would be great to have a fusion of these two elements to design clothing that they both would love to wear on a daily basis. XOONOOX’s meaning can be interpreted in a way that XOXO is love, kisses, and hugs while N is an infinite amount of love. The entire brand name is named on the basis of love and ways to portray love.

We to see the clothes all have a black and red theme and t it’s due to the fact that red color represents an intense, burning color, a classic yet a trend. They recently came up with green, not just for Christmas but also they like this type of green and the swag feelings it brings.

So what was released in conjunction with 2017 Christmas? Their clothes are mostly designed for sisters or couples to wear, they would first recommend the logo green hoodie, or the asymmetrical denim pants, that comes with a belt. They would also strongly promote their chequered coat and skirt as it is the trend now. These 2 chequered items can be worn together or separately.

What would you gift to your partner? Nini replied that both the men and women items have similar pictures of the clothes but with different design, it gives the impression that it is meant as a couple wear, like the bomber jacket for guys comes with a single ribbon, with a logo embroidery on the back while the girl’s bomber jacket back is a huge X surrounded by roses and the sleeves. There are many detailed designs for the women’s apparel so that the wearer would not feel that it’s too fake. This design is similar to how Korean couples that like to wear the same color scheme or wear similar pictures but different designs so that people would not feel that it’s too excessive, yet gives the aura of closeness.




Source: niusnews | _xoonoox_

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