Top tips for couple wear.

How to dress as a couple without looking too corny.
Published on 30 January 2018

Planning for a perfect date? Let's start with couple outfits as a sweet gesture to show your love to your other half, even better! To look fabulous together on this special occasion. 


1. Look extra lovey-dovey in similar colors 

It could be as simple as wearing clothes in the same color or shades. The two lovebirds can achieve a harmonious look in the same color outfit even though it's of different fashion items. Remember to choose a neutral color such as blue, monochrome and earth tone, but hey! Who knows bright colors are for the better!


| Two Piece Outfit - Top and Skirt |

You will never go wrong with navy blue which carries a sense of sophistication and elegance.  


For guys, pairing earth tone shirt with timberland boots create a bolder look. Matching earth color shirt with high waist skirts to reveal your waistline for a more feminine appearance.


If you want to create a softer and comfortable look, you should go with beige color. Wearing accessories to let the whole look stands out in the crowd.


| One Piece Outfit - Dress |

During summer, you can choose a brighter colour to define a livelier characteristic. 


Grey colour is totally perfect for a last-minute decision of coluor matching. Everyone has grey colour outfit in their wardrobe!



2. Pop Out in Complementary Colour 

Choosing uni-sex tops such as sweater, t-shirt and hoodie in different colours to establish your couple status. A girl wearing a loose top similar to that of your partner's will make you look more petite and girly. 


| Oversized Outfit - Oversized Top with Shorts / Pants |

Simple T-shirts with complementary colour give people a hint that you both are of a team. Oversized T-shirt will surely make you look slimmer and petite beside your man. 


Black and white complementary colour outfit could be appealing to couples who prefer a simplier look, matching with a contrasting bottom to emphasize the outfit idea.


Green and red tops is the best example of wearing complementary colours outfit ideas. Remember to cuff your pants to show your cute socks.


| Oversized Outfit - Oversized Top with Skirts |

Wearing accessory, baseball cap to elevate the outfit look.


The girl would look cute and lovely with the oversized hoodie with tennis skirt. Hoodie is the best item for young couples to express their radiating liveliness.  



3. Lovely in Alternating Pattern and Printing 

Looking awesomely sweet and synchronized with your partner in alternating pattern and printing. Stripe and plaid pattern are perfect patterns for matching coupling outfit and you will never go wrong with these patterns. You can consider wearing skirts and dresses to charm your man with your feminity. 


| Alternating Pattern - Plaid |

Girls, grab a flare sleeve white shirt and layer it with a plaid pattern slip dress to accomplish a more approachable and softer look. 


You can avoid being too mainstream by wearing an asymmetrical ruffle skirt for a more mature and feminine appearance. 


Beret hat is really a trend of 2018. A plaid pattern tent dress paired with beret hat to create a comfy and stylish outfit idea. Paired perfectly with your boyfriend plaid pattern outfit. Complete the look with black colour bags for the duo. 


| Alternating Pattern - Stripe |

The best way to keep the couple outfit simple and nice is through wearing stripe tops. Pairing with jean bottoms to make it looks more comfy and down-to-earth. Tuck in the tops to reveal your waistline. Stripe tops and jean bottoms is always perfect for any casual occasion.



4. Outstanding in Same Fashion Items

Running out of idea on how to match outfit for couple? Perhaps, the best unifying factor to create a synchronized look is through wearing identical fashion item. Couple matching outfit ideas need not be complicated, it could be as simple as wearing the same fashion item. If you want to create a softer yet stylish look, then go for cardigan and beanie matching outfit ideas for couples. To look edgy with your man, choose leather jacket and bomber jacket. Denim jacket is another fashion item that you should not miss out. 


| Identical Fashion Item - Cardigan |

Cardigan is a fashion item which can express different genre of look through pairing with different tops and bottoms. Matched with slacks and Brogue shoes or pointed toe heels to be fashionable in smart casual outfits.

Besides, pairing with jeans and sneakers to express a younger and livelier look which is suitable for young couples.


| Identical Fashion Item - Beanie |

You can consider wearing accessories such as beanie to show a lowkey yet sweet couple street look.


| Identical Fashion Item - Outerwear |

You should not miss out the timeless bomber jacket matching outfit concept for couples!


Trenchcoat is also one of the fashion items which can create harmonious couple matching outfit look. Selection of shoes becomes very important to create different vibes. 



5. Fashionable in Overall Colour Matching

You need not necessarily wear the same tops and bottoms with your partner to create a synchronized look. Let's just choose one colour and go with the theme. Trust me, you both would look absolutely stunning! 


| Overall Colour Matching - The Classic Black and White |

Perfect mix and match colour to look swag and elegant.


| Overall Colour Matching - The Pastel Colour |

If dolly pink and baby blue is just too soft to you, let's try beige colour.


| Overall Colour Matching - Bright Colour to Create Pop |

If your range of acceptance towards colour is higher, please give a try on brighter and high saturated colour outfits. It will surely create unexpected pops!




Matchy couple outfits bring the sweetness to the next level! Be the brightest pair of stars in the crowd on Valentine's Day! 

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