The Glam Burgundy Smokey Makeup Tutorial!

Blend different shades of burgundy for that dramatic and contoured look.
Published on 19 March 2018

Smokey eyes which exhibit a sense of control and always timelessly sexy. It is one of the most trendy makeup looks which fits perfectly for a night out. With this glamorous makeup and a gown dress, you will for sure own every man's heart you meat! Let us warn you that using the wrong technique will often result in a disaster. However, you can avoid all the mistakes with the tips we unveil below!


After applying all the skin care products and sun cream, let’s get started. Cover your dark eye circles with cream concealer. The creamy texture covers the dark eye circles and fine lines effectively. Using a concealer brush to apply an adequate amount of product onto the under the eyes and the brownish discoloration around the lips. Then blend it out evenly and thinly with the aid of cushion puff. 

Product Used: Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream #02 Salmon Beige 


I am sure that girls who have severe blemishes will be envious of those with porcelain flawless skin. Let’s unveil the tips to achieve flawless skin by using the right makeup products. A liquid concealer is definitely better than concealer stick to cover up wide area blemishes such as pimples and scars. Apply the liquid concealer on the blemishes using finger and spread it out thinly with cushion sponge. Liquid concealer that is more moisturizing reduces the chances of having dry patches on the face hence easily achieving a light and high-coverage base makeup. Moreover, the cushion puff will help to absorb the excessive product, leaving the base makeup light and natural. 

Product Used: The SAEM Cover Perfection Liquid Concealer #01 Clear Beige


Layer up foundation above concealer will help in accomplishing a more natural and lighter base makeup. Mixing BB cream with a foundation in a ratio of 1:1 to get a glowy yet high coverage base makeup. Spread the mixture out with cushion puff. 

Product Used: Missha Choboyang BB Cream #21

Product Used: The Face Shop Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit #V103


Now, it’s time to fix your base makeup in place. Spread colorless fixing powder with a fluffy blush. Apply more around the eyes to prevent it from smudging. 

Product Used: MAKE UP FOR EVER  ULTRA HD Powder


Utilize matte brown eyeshadow as the bronzer at brow bone, jawlines and shape the nose to have a sharper feature. 

Product used: Innisfree My Eyeshadow Matt #08 


Time to add some hue to your cheeks. Apply an appropriate amount of peachy cream blusher onto the cheekbone and gently pat to spread it out. To be more attractive, layer up with an orangeish apricot blusher on the cream blusher.

Product used: ARITAUM Sugarball cushion blusher # No.4

Product used: Shu Uemura / Glow On # M521


Move into the eye makeup, apply light brown color eyeshadow broadly and evenly on the eyelid with a tapered shadow brush for all-over-lid application. 

Product Used: MISSHA Modern Shadow Matte #MBR01


Next, layer a burgundy shade to the outer corner of the eyes and blend it towards the center of the eyes to add a gradient to the eye makeup. 

Product Used: MISSHA Modern Shadow Matte #MCR06


To further enhance the eye makeup gradation, layer a brick red eyeshadow at the outer corner of the eyes. 

Product Used: Innisfree My Eyeshadow Matte #34


Add a layer of red wine eyeshadow with glitter powder all over the eyelid to brighten up the eye makeup.

Product Used: Innisfree My Eyeshadow Glitter #16


Draw the line as close to the lash line, wing it slightly downwards and link the line to the lower eyelash to widen the eyes.

Product Used: BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner #Soul Brown 


Next, use a brush to apply a dark brown eyeshadow to smudge the eyeliner to blur out the defined eyeliner. 

Product Used: Etude House Look At My Eyes Cafe #BR404 


Adding gradient and soften the lower eyeliner by applying the light brown base eyeshadow. 

Product Used: MISSHA Modern Shadow Matte #MBR01 


Then, layer a burgundy shade to the outer corner of the eyes to add gradation to the eye makeup. 

Product Used: MISSHA Modern Shadow Matte #MCR06


Remember to curl your eyelash with an eyelash curler before applying mascara.


In order to hold the curling lash longer and curler, apply a transparent mascara fixer to fix them in place.

Product Used: Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer #Super Longlash


Want to look more stunning? Then you should not miss out this step, forget about your black mascara. Coat the upper and lower eyelash with a red mascara instead of a black one. It will definitely become the point of this makeup look. 

Product Used: Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara #Strawberry Choco Fondue 


Wing the line slightly upwards with a brown eyeliner and fill in the gaps of the eyelash. To make the eyes look longer, extend the line towards the inner corner of the eyes. Heres a tip for you, you can volumize your lashes by drawing it with a brown eyeliner. 

Product Used: KissMe Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner #Brown 


Use a light brown eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps in the eyebrows lightly and naturally. 

Product Used: BBIA Last Eyebrow Pencil #Walnut Brown 


Changing the dark eyebrow color to a lighter color by applying a lighter shade brow mascara. 

Product Used: Etude House Color My Brow #5 Blony Brown  


Apply a nude peach shade lipstick on the lip and blend it out softly and finger to achieve a natural gradient lip look. 

Product Used: BBIA Last Lipstick 2 #6


Apply a more vivid reddish orange lip balm at inner lips to complete the gradient lips makeup.

Product Used: ARITAUM Creamy Tint Colour Balm Intense #15Velvet Coral




Put On Your Best Gown Dress and Makeup Cause You Are Too Glam To Give A Damn 

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