Unbelievable Summer Outfit Ideas fro Tropical Country!

6 ultimate outfits for those sweaty days.
Published on 26 November 2017

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.”

To those who are living in tropical climate which have summer for the whole year. Summer is always a great season to travel,  especially it filled with lots of sun and beaches which soak up the summer atmosphere while celebrating the fun the season brings. It's nice to live in a country that is always warm and sunny, but sometimes it does get TOO hot! The hot sun is sometimes unbearable and seeking refuge in air-conditioned restaurants is our only choice.

Here some essential guides to hep you surviving hot weather with style~


#1 Sleeveless tee

For those hot and humid summer, you definitely need to wear as little clothes as possible. Sleeveless tee can be considered as a singlet. Singlet with skinny straps will show the bra strap. Therefor a nice bralette is a good choice to wear on. If not you can try to find sleeveless tee with wider straps which hide your bra strap totally in sight! You can also mix your sleeveless tee with either shorts, skirts, culottes or maxi skirts that is thin enough so you won't feel warm. 


#2 Crop tee

Crop your tee when you're in a tropical country. The best way to wear a crop top is with a high-waisted piece. You can reveal a piercing of your stomach above your belly button, or if you’re daring, more than a sliver. High-waisted shorts are one of the easiest looks for spring and summer. When you pair high-waisted shorts with a crop top, you’ll be both music-festival- and beach-ready. As a crop tee is always fit and tight, it shows clearly your body figure so keep fit is really important to stay perfect in this outfit. 


#3 Lace up top

The laced-up top trend appeared last fall and this year. It’s subtly sexy and is definitely on the practical side when it comes to staying cool in the summer.  You can keep everything totally casual by by choosing lace-up shirts and blouses. Lace up crop off-the-shoulder top is exposes more skin but it also helps you stay cool all the times as it exposed the skin from neck to shoulder. It's easy to think of sexy lace or corsetry when you hear "lace up." But these items don't necessarily have to be super sexy. In fact, some pieces can look perfectly innocent and subtle. A blouse like this one would be perfect for many occasions. You can choose the style you prefer to wear on!


#4 Mesh top

Keep in mind that thin and light materials always work best for a sunny climate. That's why a mesh top is really a good choice. If styled properly, mesh can make for a useful layering piece. You can wear a nice bralette inside and make the mesh top as the second layer because the mesh top is almost totally transparent. As the mesh top is a airy and sexy as a summer outfit.  


#5 Shorts

Shorts are a summer wardrobe staple. If you’re headed out for a day of shopping with the girls, but it’s hot and you're constantly torn between wanting to  look good or feel comfortable. When in doubt, head for those denim shorts you love. A simple tee paired with a denim short is really a perfect match! If you wish to be more tropical feel, wear a straw hat on head! If you want to be more stylish, you can pair our tee and short outfit with a light and long cotton jacket to protect your skin.

#6 Sandals

Summer is the season of sun, swimsuits, and sandals. Sandals are an open type of footwear, consisting of a sole held to the wearer's foot by straps going over the instep and, sometimes, around the ankle. 

A slip-on sandal is a must as this versatile pair will go with any outfit and you can wear them all summer long. A flip flop is the most comfortable wear sandal. It comes in wide variety of colors and patterns and it can easily worn. If you want to be stylish even on your toe, a pair of tie-up sandals are always in fashion. Lace-up sandals will dress up any daytime outfit, and prove that flats don't have to be boring.

Lastly, don’t forget a pair of trusty sunglasses and sunscreen lotion. You still need to take care of your skin during your holiday!


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