Levi’s Type lll classic and iconic denim jacket for their 50th anniversary.

Global limited edition: Custom made and personalized for each customer.
Published on 08 January 2017

The Levi’s Type lll classic and the iconic denim jacket for their 50th anniversary. Global limited edition: It is custom made and personalized for each customer.



Renowned denim brand LEVI’S has been a very successful household name for denim products for the past century. From their first Trucker Jacket product, their quality products have been on the show ever since to this day, which has garnered worldwide acclaim and praises. The first Type 0 was released in the 19th century, followed by hot sales of their Type 1 and Type 2 jackets. However, theType 3 has been for sale ever since its debut to this day, which is their iconic jacket. The different minute details on the jacket prevent any product from ever replacing its place in terms of quality and brand recognition. To honor their model 70505 denim jacket, they have chosen the Type 3 classic jacket to spearhead their 50th anniversary for the model 70505. Combining the iconic jacket with golden stitches, they have only released a limited 505 number of jacket for sale only. Low profile but easily recognized in their gold stitches, the jacket still embodies Levi’s tradition and vision in creating quality denim products. The 505TMc series will be available in various finishes that include distressed and ripped



The Type 3 denim jacket idea is conceived in the year of 1967. During that time, it was said that a few young kids left town to depart for San Francisco to be at the center of Summer of Love where Levi’s was centered. The denim jacket has afterward turned into an icon for rebellious and is well-loved by bands such as The Beatles, rock stars and many other artists. Rock music and the denim trend was the trend to follow back then, becoming the well-known Type 3 Trucker Jacket that we know so well today.

Levi’s 50th-Anniversary Limited Edition

A century of denim making craft combined with various materials has allowed Levi’s to create different product combinations. The one that spearheads the series in conjunction with the 50th-anniversary celebration would be the limited edition gold denim jacket that was mentioned previously.


To celebrate and honor the denim series’50th anniversary, Levi’s has set up stores selling these limited edition products including 20 of the golden denim jacket at Section 1, Zhonghua Road in Taipei and also in SOGO department store. Continuing to offer the classic Type 3 jacket, the jacket on sale at these locations is more distinguished by the pointed flaps on its front breast pockets. It shows the renowned jacket is still going strong in sales and brand recognition even after 50 years.





After a half-century of sales, the Type 3 model has combined with many different materials and designs to create various jackets over the years, being versatile and still able to look as iconic as its original design. From vintage jackets, army camo denim jackets, intersecting colored windbreakers, Levi’s denim jacket is the lead designer for denim products and is versatile and dominating as ever in the industry.



You can tailor make your own LEVI’s premium and limited edition denim jacket as well.


Diverse in denim jacket material and design, the famous Trucker Jacket can be customized as you like to enable the denim lovers to envision their favorite design on their jacket. The renowned music producer Isaac Chen has used this opportunity to create his own personalized jacket based on his vision and inspiration. As he said, he was very happy to be invited to produce his own personalized jacket for the 50th year celebration. He even mentioned that the stitches and overall design of the denim jacket were very much similar to the feelings that he had when he was producing music in the past. He elaborated on the need to trust your very own instinct and likened the experience of creating this denim jacket was similar to creating music as well. The legendary Levi’s brand was a visionary in the denim product industry and backed this up with exquisite denim producing skills to bring to life many wonderful creations all these years for the masses.



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