Fantastic Minimalist Japanese Outfits Ideas.

What to Wear for your upcoming Japan Trip.
Published on 29 March 2018

Minimalism has long been associated with art. The concept of less-is-more dates back to the 1960s has since seeped into various facets of our lives.

Today, “minimalist” is a colloquial term used to describe a vast array of pared-down items — from interior aesthetics and art to beauty and our clothes. Japanese minimalism is very deeply connected to the Zen and Buddhist traditions — the ideas of using only what is needed, longevity, respect, and providing space for introspection.

Today we'll look on Japanese Outfit with the references of two Japanese fashion Instagrammer. Follow them and you'll fall in love with Japanese outfit fashion!

Instagrammer: @aya_green1010, @blackstone705

Check out what's the latest in Japanese fashion trends!

#1 Simple Monochrome

Japan is a fan in monochrome fashion. Monochrome outfits have often been shunned in favor of something bright, bold and statement. But when styled just right, monochrome is by far the chicest – and easiest – color combination to pull off. The key to nailing this look is tracking down some key pieces, and working them top-to-toe. Once you’ve collected enough monochrome clothing, you can switch things up and work the trend into every area of your wardrobe.

#2 One Tone Dressing

The one-tone dressing is one of the Japanese minimal outfit styles. There is no secret trick to wearing monochromatic outfits. As long as you have tops, bottoms, and accessories in the same color (different shades of the color work too), dressing in all one tone is super simple and looks really chic. Dressing head to toe in one color is an art, which can give you a chic and sophisticated look if mastered. It's also a great look if you want to draw attention to an awesome new statement bag or a pair of shoes.


#3 The Oversized Turtleneck

It's hard to be stylish during cold winter days - all you want is to stay warm and be comfy. But who says you can't turn your comfy sweater in cool, stylish outfit?! Yes, we are talking about turtleneck. In Japan clothing in winter, this classic staple has graced the necks of countless style Instagrammer or blogger. Just remember a larger clothing item should be the top layer in an ensemble. Therefore, paired your oversized turtleneck with a pant or skinny skirt.

#4 Maxi Skirts

Wearing skirts are also one of the popular fashion styles by the Japanese women. Skirts paired with black tights, heels, and blouses are common workwear for them. During the fall and winter, maxi skirts are also worn. This skirt makes your legs look longer and gives a slender and stylish look to emphasize the feminine aspect of a Japanese woman.


#5 Straw Bag

In Japan bag fashion you should really know this trend item - straw handbags (“kagobagu” in Japanese)! Straw handbags aren’t a new item. They make an appearance to some degree every summer, but this year they are everywhere and being carried by everyone in Japan. Straw bags are not an expensive trend. With that low of a price point, and with all of the different colors and designs, it means that this trend spread very quickly to girls of all different fashion tastes, ages, and income levels.


#6 Layering

Layering has moved to the next level in Japanese outfit. "The more layers, the more fashionable" is the motto this season for stylish young Japanese women. A dress with skinny jeans or leggings is one of the popular styles for the Japanese women. Tops using jackets, sweaters, vests, sleeves of various lengths, necklines of various widths over blouses, t-shirts, dresses worn with leggings, pants under skirts are a really popular set of fashion to Japanese women. Layering clothes allow them to mix and match a broad variety of different styles, and adds more accent to their outfit.

What's your favorite Japanese fashion look? Whatever it is, rock it and be happy!

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