What is Fasheholic?

Every little things about Fasheholic
Published on 30 December 2016

What is Fasheholic?

Fasheholic is a pure fashion-related platform designed to provide users in better interaction in fashion browsing and assist brand founders (or we would prefer to call them "Fashionpreneurs") in their fashion business.

Discover Fashion

With our user-friendly interface and creative category system  users will be able to browse freely from different distinctive brand concept, designer products to interesting fashion articles.

Build Fashion Sense

For those who are unsure of their style of fashion. Fasheholic might be the right place for you to find your own unique sense of fashion. Fasheholic will be an ideal platform for users to catch up with the latest trend for fashion.

While delicating ourselves building Fasheholic, our team holds this strong belief. "A product may come in various sizes but a brand may come in hidden sizes which hold unpredictable potential". Therefore, our website is a Free Movement and non-profit from the fashion profiling, purely for the cause of Asia fashion. 

This is a preview of a fashion brand "Pylin" with a profile logo, banner and some description on desktop and mobile interface. 

This is a preview of their social details for interested target audience or collaborator to contact them directly as well as a showcase of their products. For the original experience, you can view the profile here.

Fasheholic supports fashionpreneurs in their brand development, establishing brand loyalty and cultivating customer experience. We are determined and focus to build Fasheholic into a power tool that promote and bring audience to your brand.

Increasing Audiences

Our Fashion Profile and Showcase is built to be transparent. We will not hide any contact details/social medias of brands because we find it rather an essential asset in your brand development. We encourage buyers to contact your brand directly, purchase from your official website or even visit the local store in your country during their travel!

We recommend fashionpreneur and brands to add their Line, Instagram, Facebook and website to keep up with the current trend of internet marketing. This will allow us to help increase your brand recognition and forge a bond between your brand and your audience to gain a stronger support.

Creating Opportunities

Our website not only has the function to introduce brands, promoting products, publish fashion articles, recommending fashion events around Asian countries.

For the original experience, please click:


Click our Youtube to know more:


There are many languages in this world. In Fasheholic, we only know one language called "Fashion". Join us now and be a Fasheholic!

If you are a fashionpreneur that create your own style of fashion and products, please join us and shape fashion together. Email ([email protected]) for a premium membership with full features for Free.

Fasheholic is also the entry for your brand to be expose toward opportunities for you to expand your network toward other countries. Such as increase your connection oversea, collaboration with potential retailers, join fashion events or even crossover with other brands.

Furthermore, we will not stand in between any trade or asking for any commissions or fees upon any deals or transaction you have made. 

Creating a brand profile with Fasheholic quick and simple. Our system has a unique pricing feature which is easy to understand and configure. Every listing consists of Local and International price. Therefore, we will detect viewer's location to provide the correct currency and conversion.

For an example with a Thai designed brand, Local price be displayed to local buyers within Thailand while the International price which will be seen by buyers from other countries. The International price will be automatically converted to currency of the respective country.

With this feature you can reach out to more international customers and attract a wider target audience. But if you are not ready for international market, just go for the tick box only to sell for Local. 

Fasheholic has recently upgraded and integrated FasheMag in our system. We have a range of bloggers/writers to promote about fashion news and brands. Get to know about the upcoming brands, local designers and quality products around Asia.

Here are some article where we motivates local Thai events for tourist and write about fashion concept of Thai designer brand.



We are currently still working on our mobile app to provide people the luxury to check out fashion brands, news and events at their fingertip.

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