Outfits with your Sisters & BFF in all types of blue!

Mix & Match with your Best Friend Foverer in various style!
Published on 08 May 2017

You can never go wrong with the blue & white combinations, for it has been a time-tested formulation. I used to know this girl, who only dresses in blues & whites, and it never goes wrong. This combination is aesthetically pleasing attribute and un-resistible, the colors blends wonderful without being distracting. Most importantly, the blue & white combinations is the perfect theme for a day out with matching outfits. Nothing beats a picture perfect day out with comparable outfits amongst BFF.


Denim Style

A common theme amongst BFF during matching outfit day is a simple white tee over-layered with denim jacket. Denim jackets are absolutely MANDATORY in your wardrobe!


A pants skirt brings out that ruggard-yet-sassy looks, along with matching shades brings out that awesome personality in you.


For those lucky-ladies with extra long legs, denim-mid-lenght pants would bring out the best in your features. 


Casual Style

At the heart of simplicity, is the blue & white combinations outfit. Along with white colored shoes and a simple caps, it reminds us of the essentials in life.


Two's a couple, three's a crowd, you could standout from the crowd by adopting a boyish look by that white-dress-blue-cap combintion.


Strawhats along with that blue-white combination is quite the look for the summer. 


Floral Style

Not a denim fan? No worries, blue-ish tone floral motives dress are also one of the must-haves in every ladies wardrobe. It brings out the sweetness in you. 


Oversized & Street Style


Forget the sweet look, and embrace that street wear style for your next day out with your BFF.


Sweater Style


Blue in Group

Imaging walking down the streets of Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore with matching blue & white outfits with a group of fours, we are guarentee heads will turn, twice!

Of course, not forgetting the denim stlye.


The blue & white is so easy to work with that we recommend it as your dress code for your next party! Everyone will almost have this color combination, and 100% perfect pictures moment guaranteed.

A group of girls with blue and white style is fantastic and people will feel comfortable just look at them.

You can never go wrong with the blue & white concept! Fretting over what to for your next meet-up with your BFF? Try the blue&white matching outfits!

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