Jung sisters as your fashion sensei!

Different fashion styles by Jessica Jung Soo-yeon & Krystal Jung Soo-jung
Published on 08 May 2017

The Korean fashion industry has been the leader of market trends, and despite countless stars that have starred in the industry, not many stood the test of time. However, the Jung sisters are able lead the fashion industry in a consistent manner and seamlessly switching between fashion trends. Jessica (@jessica.syj) started with Girls Generation while Krystal from f(x), both starring in the Korean Cable network “On Style” in the Jessica & Krystal show dedicated to lifestyle and fashion choices. 


Despite having different preference and life and clothing choices, they seem to complement each other taste pretty well. Fans have even dubbed the iconic sisters as the Jung Couple. The younger sister Krystal (@vousmevoyez) has one of the most seductive gaze.


Krystal always have that unique stage presence that captures the attention of the crowd. Projecting that seductive look even during photoshop sessions have that superb fashion taste. 


Jessica which is the elder sister between the two has that sweet and beautiful smile. She does not does only have a large male fan base, but also has a gigantic female fan base. Generally Jessica has a more feminine look, which is further enhance with make-up. Jessica could be describe a princess, always with laces and short skirt.


Krystal Jung

Whereas Krystal, who was born in the year of 1994, takes a far different approach, sometimes pairing boyishness in her choice of clothes while there are times when she picked dark and classy. One of Krystal favourite choices is a simple pencil pants that bring out the best in her.

Pairing a denim jacket with blazers are also a fabulous idea, where rolling up the sleevs of the jacket exposing the denim underlayer. Krystal loves denim jeans the most, convenient and easy to pair with many style.


No matter the choice of pants in her photoshoots that includes bell bottom pants, straight pants or even old-fashioned pants, she can always bring out her best look and make it look trendy. She has become a common reference for women interested in the fashion industry.

In 2015, she was voted the most fashionable women, despite very young age. She carries a low-profile attitude towards fashions that is relatable to the general population. She uses simple colors like black, white and grey. Even though she has a body figure to kill for, she always chooses clothes that women from all ages can follow and wear themselves. Even those many people rely on the clothes to boost their looks, she has a class of her own and can even look her best while putting on the simplest of clothes. Take a look at what clothes choices she has made in year 2015 that allowed her to become the fashion icon she is today.


Style No.1 - Comfy wool clothing

Completely zipping your wool coat is said to be not fashionable, but she managed to pull of this look with a tight jeans and boots, while looking warm and comfortable at the same time. 


Style No.2 - Long top and tight pants

Krystal being a queen of fashion will definitely not miss out those trendy long trench coat. Look no further if you are thinking how to pair your coat, if you are able to stand the cold, try on with a pair of heels to show off that long legs of yours. 

She wore a woolen jacket with a fitting black jeans during a previous fashion show by Chanel. It was a perfect looking radiating that sense of classiness and feminine style.


Style No.3 - Blazer is Everything !

Don’t assume that the blazers restricted to formal occasions.Finding the a body hugging blazer can make a lot of difference. Krsytals pairs her favouite boots to go with this combination. You can always choose the colour and style according to your preferred looks to look good, matching suitable colours according to the length and cutting of your physique. You can also pair it with an Alexander Wang boots just like Krystal does if you have it! 


Style No.4 - Tops and skinny jeans

A unique spring time look with a hint of casualness. As long you pair it with a skinny jeans and leather shoes, you can not go wrong. 


Style No.5 - Short pants


Jessica Jung

Now that we’ve gone over the younger sister, it is time to look at the sexy Jessica. She made her debut far earlier than Krystal , and therefore had garnered a large fanbase over the years that idolized her.


A sweet smile combined with her cute features, has allowed her to put on any clothes she wishes and still have a distinct gorgeous look. Krystal is 165cm in height while Jessica is 3cm shorter, therefore shorter girls can look upon Jessica as a reference when choosing their clothes of choice. Despite prefering jeans, we think she looks just as wells in dresses!


Everybody loves a good dress, but Jessica is pushing the boundaries of the acceptance of non conventional dresses. 


Style No.1 - Pinafore dress with white top

We often wonder how to match a good shirt to a good dress. Jessica’s combination of clothing has allowed me to see how to match good top, denim jacket and a dress. You can also pair your top with denim clothes on the outside for a change.

A good white top can also solve your dilemma in choosing your clothes for your outing. Or maybe if you prefer Jessica’s choice of a simple dress and top to showcase your beauty.


Style No.2 - Complement your look with a belt

The rule is to always choose a narrow belt that can complement your dress. Different dress goes with different belts so always choose whichever suits you the most!


Style No.3 - Chiffon dress

Putting on a sweater over your chiffon dress to complement each clothing’s looks. Pairing your dress with polka dot stockings to give that fashionable look or pairing the dress with a short jacket of a different colour.



Style No.4 - Black dress for her all time favourite!

If you party on a weekly basis, a black cute dress is a must! In this photo, we can see Jessica matching her dress with pink sports shoes and pink handbag. This lady is ready for a night of party!

So did you manage to learn style of dressing from Jessica and Krystal?

If you are more boyish, just stick with Krystal's denim jacket and jeans style but if you are thinking to have a more feminine approach like Jessica's style, just get a dress!

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