CHARLES & KEITH is finally making its debut in Taiwan!

CHARLES & KEITH Ultimate Bag Collection
Published on 30 June 2017

CHARLES & KEITH is finally making its debut in Taiwan! Gone are the days, you have to wait for the items to be sold online by other 3rd party vendors. You can now simply walk down to the streets of Taipei and get it yourself! The renowned brand that hails from the island of Singapore is a brand favourite among girls of all ages as the product it offers are both stylish and bold. The attraction of this brand since its inception is its combination of affordable yet premium quality products.


Featuring fashion items this year looks absolutely fabulous, spoiling consumers with a wide variety of choices. Before you decide on which bag to buy this seasin, take a look at how these people match it perfectly with their outfits!


This year CHARLES & KEITH finally opened their first branch in Taiwan’s Breeze Center Mall that has sparked a shopping frenzy among the girls in Taiwan. The vast amount of products that can be found in this store will surely pose a selection dilemma among the girls. Worry not girls, as you can have a peek at the star products on  here before you make your choice in the store afterwards.


After lookimg so many different styles, it might be still hard to find the perfect choice. Nevertheless, you should not worry too much about the products price-wise, as their shoes are priced in the range of NT $ 1390 ~ NT $ 2590 while their bags are within NT $ 1290 ~ NT $ 2500, making mulitple purchase easy on the pockets. 


CHARLES & KEITH has once again displayed a wide variety of products line with a reasonable pricing, and now storming Taiwan by storm. 

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