Timberland Giri Collection is overwhelming with style and ultimate coolness.

YOKOGIRI and KESAGIRI inspired by the way of Samurai!
Published on 05 November 2016

Timberland Giri Collection


 Do you know Timberland has good ethnic practices? 
Their boots are made from environmentally friendly biodegradable material. 

Still wearing that same dark coloured boots? 2017 is your time for change now to put on an unconventional kind of boots. We noticed that boots with stronger contrasting colors seems to be in season this year. Almost everyone owns a pair of Timberland boots, and Timberland has decided to launch its classic boots series with a lighter shades of color instead of the dull colors. 


Giri Collection

Introducing the GIRI series, inspired by the Japanese Samurai spirit. GIRI means “Katana Sword Cut” to demonstrate how effortlessly a katana slices through a tatami mat and often done in Japanese traditional katana testing ceremony. The GIRI series consists of 2 major collections YOKOGIRI & KESAGIRI with the former as a collection of canvas boots in many color variants, and the latter line offers plenty of large and oversized apparels. Are you ready for Timberland this season?




The YOKOGIRI series blends well with simple black and white outfits, building upon the classic yet expanding your character. The boots uses  three sole layers combined to provide active cushioning, constant support, and dynamic flex. Sensorflex™ technology is the perfect comfort system for people on the move on the modern trail.

The stinking lime green color makes Timberland one of the few brands offering such a product in this category. The combination with a white outsoles gives simple and neat outlook. 


You can also opt for the pure blue variant that is as eye catching as supposed to the lime green boots.


To ensure maximum comfort in each step, it is constructed with padded collar and its signature EVA footbed, Similar to Japanese pop culture, the boots have bright and attractive color options to better cater for different audience. Comfortable and stylish, these boots make you feel much more confident with every step.


Those who frequent the black outfits can opt for a pair of red coloreed YOKOGIRI boot, as the black-red combination is a match that almost never goes wrong.


Not forgetting that olive green that must be mentioned amongst the other popular color. For the the past autumn-winter seasons, army green and blackish green have gain a significant amount of popularity. However for this season, the trending seems to be olive green as it gains more popularity. 


For us, we love the pair of YOKOGIRI boot with the shades of olive green. The Timberland logo matches its laces in bright red color making it an eye-catching piece.


Timberland’s classic wheat coloured is also presented in the YOKOGIRI series as well. The white colored logo is etched along with the laces. The layer of outsole is composed of light brown, white and dark which makes a catchy look that can match any outfit easily.


For those who prefers an conventional look, a simple black boot can never go wrong. In this YOKOGIRI series, the logo is etched in grey color and the outsoles are a combination of black and white. It is simplistic and has a beautiful combination. 




For those whom are always on the lookout for Timberland products, you would probably have realized that Timberland collaborated with Monkey Time to produce a series and KESAGIRI is one of those series. For the KESAGIRI series this time around, it is a concept of incorporating the traditional Japanese sword technique of KESAGIRI meaning “diagonal sword cut”. This is largely reflected on the logo treatment itself which is unique differing from its original brand logo. This collection is composed of daily apparel such as tees, sweater and shirts.


Matching a Timberland's hoodie along with daily outfits seems to be the general style. However for this season, their KESAGIRI Line emphases on simple design utilizing plain colors to emphasize Timberland strong branding. 


KESAGIRI’s black hoodie has green fabric on the inside, which examine the contrasting colors of this hoodie piece. The grey apparel can easily match any other outfits perfectly.


In the past, Timberland has never changed its logo and it may be getting dull for some. For this season however, they opted to do so and came out with this brand new look. If you want to board on the hype train and follow on the trend of the GIRI series, you can purchase both YOKOGIRI and KESAGIRI to complete your outfit collection this season. If you want to find out more, watch the following advertisement clip by Timberland!



Source: Timberland

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