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Adorable and high quality Trending bags made by Merimies!
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Published on 08 May 2017

MERIMIES, a designer bag brand established in 2011 from Thailand, are renowned for their trendiness and practicality. Their handmade bags are beautifully designed for all occasions have been well received in Thailand.

The word MERIMIES originates from the word “Sailors” in Finnish, representing a sense of adventure and boldness. With its distinctive style and design, it aims to furnish unforgettable memories as it serves as your loyal travel companion. The stark yet appealing color contrast is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and lightens up the mood. It suitability for any occasions makes it a perfect travel companion, and not-to-mention great photos. 

Apart from Thailand, MERIMIES bag products has been a hit in many other cities was also featured on QUEEN MAGAZINE! They have introduced a series of phenomenal product lines that are both user friendly and complement your everyday style. 


The Love Letter Series consist of two colors, the reand the silky white model. The former being a bolder option while the latter being more conservative. The Love Letter Series is priced at only RM 225, and could be a romantic expression for man seeking gifts for their partners. 


LOVE SERIES White Sling Bag

New product released : NATIVE TWO TONE series bag

The NATIVE TWO TONE series consists of 5 unique bi-color combination that blends perfectly but in a subtle manner. The natural color combinations brings out the best in the women. The NATIVE TWO tones series caters to a wide demographic, ranging from young ladies to trendy moms, casual wear to a formal setting. These are ideal gifts for mothers from daughters, to reminding of their youthfulness and also sharing the bags for different occasions!

Adorable product released 1 : WINTER COLLECTION

The WINTER Collection series was launched with a polar bear and penguin designed on a fur. It will be ideal for your annual winter trips and only priced $ 24 dollars!

Adorable product released 2 : LINSSI COLLECTION

The LINSSI Collections is designed with the intent for the cool kids. Furnished with a pair of funky shades, it brings out the coolness while masquerading that inner cuteness. Only priced at RM 225, it makes a reasonable addition to your bag collection. 


The CANDY CIRCULAR features a round sling back, ideal for carrying the essentials. It catchy color schemes is ideal for young girls and it is currently selling at only RM 138!

Product on Promotion 2 : MIX PASSION "L" SIZE

The MIX PASSION “L” is a retro yet timeless series, its popularity have never ceased with time. Its practicality, user friendliness and capacity is ideal for everyday used. It is a value for money and can be purchased at RM 235! A smaller “M” option is also available for girls that are petite in size which is prized at RM 195! The MIX Passions are available with mono-colored and multi-color catering for a wide taste. 

MERIMIES is now also available in Malaysia, with physical stores available in Sunway Pyramid, Gurney Plaza, Isetan 1 Utama, Isetan the Gardens. Besides that, you can opt to purchase these bags online. 

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