6 Essential Skirt Styles You Should Have in Your Wardrobe Now

Every girls should own these skirts as basic!
Published on 31 October 2017

Skirts are beautiful, and only women and girls have the privilege to wear skirts!
It is wonderful how skirts are easily customizable in various combinations!

Using different colors, designs, looks, and fashionable styles, the possibility are limitless.
Look below to find many ideas you can apply today.


#1 A-Line Skirt

As the name suggests, the A line skirts have the shape of letter A. The length varies from a mini to a maxi, but it is commonly associated with knee-length or slightly lower. They’re easy to wear, comfortable and easy on the pocket. They can be paired in casual or classier manner. Lain colored or discreet stripes and plaids is the best choice for your day-to-day office wear. While floral designs, plaits are suited best during day offs!


#2 Front Button Skirt

Buttons are such a small detail, but when exposed, they completely transform the basics. The 70's-inspired trends are season at the moment, and the front-button skirts are a easy & comfortable way to add that retro touch. Whether it’s A-line, above-the-knee, ankle-length, suede and denim or even corduroy, with buttons riding up the front, it adds that fascinating touch to your outfit.


#3 Tennis Pleated Skirt

Gone are the days that tennis skirts are restricted for playing tennis. They style easily and is very comfortable. Initially inspired by Koreans, they love to wear tennis skirts with different colors. For a sportier look, pair them with a comfy white tee and accessorize with a cap. Match it with your favorite sports shoes and you're ready to play the sport while looking in style!


#4 Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is a definite must for your closet. The Pencil skirts are tight & figure-hugging and that just cover the knee.This makes the pencil skirt an candidate for the workpalce and formal occasion —it simply looks formal, regardless of colour and design. It works wonderfully with high heels, and just as attractive and stylish with elegant flats for certain figures. A T-shirt or a lace tops work well with the pencil skirt. It is a truly versatile addition to the wardrobe.

Look for something special? Try out the split pencil skirt for work!


#5 Maxi skirt

Feel you are not tall enough to pull off a maxi skirts? Contraty to popular beliefs. Maxi skirts actually can make you look taller if styled correctly. Anyone, irregardless of your figure, can wear them and look good. Maxi skirts are a must-have wardrobe outfit. Their versaility is what’s so great about them – they gel with anything, and not to mention their incredibyly comfortable.

A simple monochrome tee paired with maxi skirt outfit is definitely a good match for trval ootd!

All black outfit will never go wrong!

Simple graphic tee with maxi skirts, easy and casual~

If you are a big fan of  boho fashion, try out a long and flowy boho maxi skirt, with a gorgeous floral print.


#6 Denim Skirt

Are you a staunch advocate of the denim skirt. Denim skirts come in a variety of styles and lengths to suited for different demographics and occasions. You should know the ultimate trick: keep it simple and let the shine in the limelight. From button-downs to plain white tees, read on for a few tips to wear your denim skirt.

You can pair the denim skirt with a striped, make it between formal and casual.

Wear a graphic tee with your denim skirt, it makes you look young and chic~

A simple white tee is enough to let your denim skirt be the sportlight!

Wanna be a little more sexy? Put on an off the shoulder top!

Blue and yellow are always the perfect match!


Own all of these skirts already?
If not buy some for your own today!

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