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The art of dressing head-to-toe with ONE color.
Published on 31 October 2017

"Hey~How should I match the colors for today?"
"Oh please! We are already late!"
"Alright, let me put on this single colored dress, just hold on for another minute!"



While it’s not a crime to dress head-to-toe in one color, getting it wrong would have disasterous outcome. Nevertheless, One-tone dressing is an art and when pulled off well, the results may surprise you. You will definitely look chic, hot and sophisticated.

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#1 All BLACK

Wearing nothing but black brings about that flair of elegance and sophistication.Going with black makes you look a little thinner than usual, and its a great confidence booster knowing that you're in great shape. However, black-on-black clothing might be quite harsh, and mixing up the clothing with different textures can help with making your look more pleasing aesthetically. Combining fur and leather is an typical example to add a nice twist to an outfit.Bring out that badass in you today!



What is a groutfit? It's a simple equation, combining the word "gray" plus the word "outfit." "Groutfit" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, nor does it sound especially desirable, but it is definitely here to stay.Head-to-toe monochrome brings a fresh perspective to your outfits. Not only do these monochromatic ensembles look incredibly chic, but most importantly they also allow for layering.  

If you find monochrome plain color is too boring, wear some strips tee to experiment with the layering.



White is a delicate color and perfect for outlining that elegant taste in fashion, which is why it makes such a formidable masterpiece.In fact, all-white outfits are one of the chicest iterations of monochrome dressing. That simplicity of the outfits is always a key to a winning look! 

Experiment with textures and cuts to make the coziest of outfits look chic.



 The blue outfit was inspired by the street style looks and we can't help  to try the color eye-catching blue pieces. Blue color gives a feeling of comfort that does not compromise style. If  denim outfit is to your liking, you should try out denim on denim.



Although a all red outfit maybe make you look like you are celebrating Chinese New Year, however it is really a cool and swag ootd that you should try once in a while! One thing’s sure that when you’re dressed in red, you are bound to attract attention. When in doubt wear red. - Bill Blass. 

Standing out from the crowd is easy when you find that one red dress.

Who says RED just suits for women? It suits well on Men as well!


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