Menice Yim well evolve in Black & White colors & with her stance

She bring out a new Fasheholic's implication !
Published on 13 October 2017

They say wearing black never gets old and you will look good in it no matter what.
I would like to show how Menice's favourite black / white style in her illustrative fashion photograph !

Are you wondering who is Menice Yim? Let me introduce ...


22-year-old girl who born at Ipoh Perak, Malaysia who had passion on fashion and photograph.
Menice said photography is about capturing souls and moments.

Let's see how Menice Yim's style her stance and bring out a new Fasheholic's implication !


Wearing a white or black plain cotton tops and black jeans might look very casual and not eye catching at all. Instead having them to be completely black, I'm sure your outfit will be elevated to the next level and it will look so much more stylish.

 For my look I choose a loose trouser or shorts and a monotonous top, between times I'll affix a boomber jacket or military jacket.  said Menice Yim


Although all black is great, having a little element of white will create a special contrast.

You will never go wrong with stripes because it goes beautifully with black colour.
Even white stripes and black can look very chic and elegant, don't you think so?


Last but not least, pair your outfit with a monochrome shoes or bags to finish your final appearance.

One of the alternative way to spruce up into your look would be a classic black bag and a sunglasses !


Black brings the cool in you while White brings the calm in you, don't you think so?

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