The Anti Social Club, more than a just a brand.

The idea and concepts behind The Anti Social Club Brand
Published on 03 March 2018

Anti Social Social Club officially means a club for the anti social people , the logo and the slogan came from Neek Lurk 's life experience who is the founder of the brand. His was being abused in childhood time and so are memorable for him. He said : " I am the only person who create Anti Social Social Club and for me it is a life plan rather than a brand , and he will convert failure to success , this is a brand customize for loser, weirdo, pessimist." Every single word he said show the revolt of teenager.

This brand mainly around nowadays hipster product , ex : hoodie , jacket , cap and others. Not only traditional logo, in the every single slogan he added his self-emotion, to let every design has an own sad story. Although their product are affordable price, but because of the brand's popularity let their website's product all in a status of sold out. The Anti Social Social Club product's design always simple and spiffy, with their signature logo on the product.

He sells an attitude sold in unisex T-shirts and hoodie, perfects for individuals ready to make a statement.  Not only that, they have officially launch the accessories including socks,  ashtrays and a license plate. The merch has a gamut of color  combination that include black with pink , maroon with orange, blue with orange and also orange with black. 

The brand has also dropping pieces of merch which feature South Korean flag. 


Anti Social Social Club and Playboy Collection

In 2017, the Anti Social Social Club and Playboy have unveiled their capsule collection. The collection consist of a hoodie , T-shirt and a cap , all three items feature the iconic Playboy bunny in a pink color with the classic Anti Social Social Club print on the back. 

Anti Social Social Club with Richardson Magazine

Recently, Anti Social Social Club also collaborated with the Richardson Magazine official shop. Set to take place in Los Angeles, the one day pop-up store , sold a gaggle of limited edition product , include hoodie and T-shirts. Millennial pink serve as the main color tone of the range , while design printed a sexy lady figure to the front and both the Anti Social Social Club and Richardson logos to the back.


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