Fabulous Opportunities of Bordeaux Purple Hair Color

The perfect red wine tint suitable for all skin tones
Published on 14 March 2018

Bordeaux Purple

"The French refer to the color in reference to another French wine, calling this shade of red Bordeaux"


During the autumn-winter season, it is essential for everyone to get eyeshadows or lip gloss products in the color mixture of crimson red and a little hint of purple. Many have noted the color also goes well with many hairstyles which explains why how Bordeaux purple recent rise to popularity.

The Bordeaux purple gives out that look of red hair with streaks of purple in it from certain angles, that adds a sense of mystery. On the other hand, the low-profile individuals can also opt to dye this color over their brown or dark hair. It would look similar to an ordinary dark brown, but under the right lighting, some purple highlights would appear giving it a unique look. 


Most people would advise that bleaching away their natural hair color is a precursor for dying on the Bordeaux purple. However, the most of the individuals who have dyed their hair a dark shade of color before knows that no such bleaching treatment is, in fact, necessary at all. If you have no experience in hair dyes, it is best to consult your hairstylist to inquire about the outcomes of dying color mixtures so that you know what you are getting into.


Regardless of what color you are getting for your hair, you should take note of the following tips in order to maintain the color of your hair for a longer period of time. It is highly recommended to get a colorless shampoo for your daily usage and this is especially true for red dyes on your hair. Besides that, you should also prevent using extremely hot water to wash your hair as it increases hasten the fading of the colors. 


Although the Bordeoux color is a hair color is not easy to maintain, it is one that is very eye-catching and unique. It is also suitable for both long hair or short hair. If you prefer a longer lasting shade, you could maybe try to dye your hair from its inner region having the best of both worlds. 


As of recent trends, chalky and grayish colors are on the uprise as well as it makes dark colored hair appear more gentle and elegant. For those that were interested in this shade of hair dye, you can maybe try out Bordeaux purple as well.


For those who do not frequently dye their hair would sometimes find the process troublesome. but the procedure is actually quite simple. If you are interested in Bordeaux purple, do head on over to your hairstylist and get some tips to try it anyway. 

"It livens your tresses, adds them a mysterious undertone or, on the contrary, the boldest shade you could ever imagine for yourself."



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