Weird fashionable makeup that you will not want to try!

Thought you know fashion well? Think again!
Published on 24 October 2017

Do you still think that makeup should be normal and perfectly drawn so that you could be called, beauty or goddess?

You not entirely right anymore because it seems like the trend nowadays is leading towards a more exotic way to gain popularity and attention.


This might be your definition of a pretty and posh makeup.
It's actually quite old fashion and there are a lot of people think otherwise!

Nowadays, people are not satisfied with nicely drawn brows or being simple and sweet.
Being in a social network era, people want to surprise the world and check out the excitement in response to their makeup!

Here is a 6 weird fashion makeup that would certain shake your mind! 


#1 Nose Hair Extension

Yes, that's right! It's nose hair extension!

I guess you have heard a lot of eyelashes extension but not nose hair extension!
You might be thinking "OH MY GOD! What is people thinking nowadays?" And, it is actually happening recently!


Nose hair extension is inspired by Sophie Hannah Richardson, a fashion influencer from UK.
She did that while having a tutorial regarding the eyelashes and to stress on the quality and volume of the eyelashes.

Creatively, she put the fake eyelashes into her nostrils and the viral begins "Nose Hair Extension" is born.


Unpredictably, it have become a new trend after that and people all over the world tried it!

Although most of the people on the Internet felt that makeup is truly unacceptable and making jokes on new trend.
There are a lot of her followers and people who think that it is amazing and sexy!!

So,don't forget that you still have to trim your nose hair because these are actually EYEBROWS EXTENSION ANYWAY!


Walking to the street out there with your volumeric nose hair extension.
I bet you will get 200% of attention from people around you or maybe become the next popular person on your social media!


#2 Braided Brows

Recalling the memories that you still used to tie two braids while you are young?
Now you can have two braided brows to celebrate your life as a mature adult!

I guess this trend is more acceptable than the previous one. Isn't it?


Please do not misunderstand the word "braided brows". 

It's not using eyebrows hair to tie braids but it is all about drawing the eyebrows to make them looks like braids!
Hmmm, all of the makeup artists seem to have very good drawing background.


It's good for you to start practising now. Here is some tips on how to draw a braided eyebrow.

Personally, I have tried braided eyebrows before on myself. It's actually quite easy.
Firstly, drawing out the outline shape of the braids. Then, put some concealer around your eyebrows giving it a curvy outline to the braids effect more obvious. Use some makeup which has highlight effect to fill the middle of the brows.
This will create a 3D effect to your "braids".

TA-DAA!! Your pretty braided eyebrows are here!
I also would like to recommend you a simple braided eyebrows tutorial Braided Eyebrows by @roxxbeautyglam


#3 Feather Brows

Up next, feathery eyebrows.
I believe some angels would like this kind of makeup.

Thinking how our eyebrows can turn into a feather? Here is it!


Meet Stella Sironen, the founder of this angelic brow trend!
When one day, she made a joke about starting funny brow trend. People started to take it seriously!!
Therefore, the feather brows really become a trend across the Internet.

If you think the normal feather is too dull for you, you can putting a peacock feather instead!

Isn't it special and nice?
I would definitely give it a try when I am drunk!!


#4 Squiggle Brows / Lips

Are you a surfer or you love the sea?
Then, you might like this wave-like brows.

Some people have commented about this type of brow. 
They said it looks like having snakes on the face.


To match the squiggle brows, some people even introduced squiggle lips!
It is adding design to your lips and not exaggerating at all! The most important thing is squiggle brows and lips match perfectly together!!


#5 Barbed Wire Brows

Tired for having neat eyebrows?
Thanks to famous makeup artist, Athena Paginton.

Now we proudly present to you - The Barbed Wire Brows!
This fashion trend is to make your brows into spikes.


Imagine your eyebrows are like this, facing different directions.

Barbed brows is quite cool and easy to style it out. Please try it if you are curious because no one will know!


A slightly modified version, having uniform direction facing up is called Dragon Brows.


But I guess people with OCD will not be able to take it because they might just want to comb the eyebrows into a rather organise style instead! HAHA!


All of them are the weird fashionable makeup trends nowadays.

Are you brave enough to put it on?
Or inspired to start a new makeup trend of your own?

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