Hottest Trend with just a simple Denim Jacket

It’s never out of style for its versatility!
Published on 08 May 2017

It's often been said that everything comes back into style eventually. Like denim that returned this year as the most popular trend on the streets. These versatile jackets, pants and other products represents a youthful culture can be seen everywhere in fashion stores. Denim products is not gender specific and it a wonderful complemend to your exisitng wardrobe. For casual look, denim jackets can be worn with white sneakers or it can be matched with boots for a vintage and whimsical look. Have you upgraded your wardrobe for spring with the latest denim styles?

Denim X Denim

Double denim is probably the easiest and best way to go. Pairing up denims of different washes and textures would avoid that whacy look!

Denim X Printed Graphics

Graphic denim jackets with printed graphics are also an easy mix and blends wonderfully with a cap or belt. Bold statements printed on the denim is a wonderfull expression on your beliefs.

The gender-neutral denim can be matched with a dress or a skirt to look cool and feminine. Girls who prefer a casual look can also wear a denim jacket over gym tops!

Denim Jacket X Dress

Wearing the demin over the floral dress of spring and summer with socks and casual white sneakers to look cute and cool at the same time! Not to mention that the floral dress has been a hit this year and pairing it with a denim will be an ultimate combination.

Bejewel skirts along with metallic painted shoes are also perfect matches for a denim jacket!

Feminine lace dress can also be matched with denim for an entirely different style.

Denim X Casual Sporty

Denim is always good to go with a pair of white sneakers and sweatpants for a super chic look! Combining the denim jacket and denim sweatpants will also give you that double denim look! Check out our denim sweatpants by DENIM BLUE SWEATPANTS by KETCH APPAREL

How can we miss out the most popular high-neck denim of the year?

Match white pants and a denim jacket for a perfect summer look!

It’s finally time to bid winter goodbye for a moment and stock up fashionable outfits in our spring-summer wardrobe! The simple yet stylish denim jacket is perfect for a windy weather for its thickness of the material that can act as a windbreaker. Denim has been taking fashion by storm with its variety of weights, washes and cutting! It will be an timeless piece to your addition.

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