Are You a Fan of Streetwear Fashion just like the instagrammer HUI LI ?

She will proved that it is a wrong perception that women can't pull off streetwear.
Published on 27 October 2017

"I always stuck between streetwear & girly style. The inner me is really girlish but I like to wear baggy because it is more comfortable." ---  Phang Hui Li

Are you having the same thought as above when you prefer to wear a more baggy style but you always just end up with a 'lazy & messy' look? That is because you are going into the wrong direction ofSTREETWEAR STYLE !

People always questioned that is it possible that women can do streetwear fashion better than guy? Isn't it more feminine and attractive if a woman go out with a nice dress rather than a baggy oversized hoodies? Hey, let's just throws away all these stereotypes about women. Women can still have a better streetwear fashion than men if she really put effort on it and is it really not attractive? Some guys actually find that a girl with an oversized hoodies is sexy in an adorable way rather than a woman with a revealing dress.

 So it's time for you to follow OHYEAHUILII to get to know more about her and her fashion sense on the streetwear, guiding you towards the right direction not the direction of 'lazy & messy'.



"AWWWW, how elegant she is in a black dress!"



"Hey! She looks freaking adorable in that style!"


Yes, that is Hui Li and she always told by her friend to wear more girlish dress for outing. She likes feminine style but she prefer streetwear style more just simply because it is comfortable and swag. People always labelled her as "a cute petite girl" but what she wants is "a cool and full of swag girl". Before revealing her starter packs and some of the essential items that could boost your streetwear style, let just have a peek through of her STREETWEAR LOOKBOOK !


Isn't she looks cool in the video? Below are some of the photos from her instagram if you still haven't search her on instragram. Perhaps you may start to become her followers or even a fan of her after scroll through all the photos below. 

Still getting not enough of her photos? Then just follow her instagram now! 




After getting know about her, it's time to know about her streetwear starter pack. While you scrolling through all the photos above, I think some of you could spot the similarity items or brand that she used for the streetwear fashion. Yes there are a few essential streetwear items that you must owned to achieve a cool streetwear look. 


1. CAP

Did you see that she almost wearing cap in most of the photos above? Yes, that is the first item that you should owned. If you are first time want to try out streetwear and you are looking for a cap, my advise to you is to look for a simple designed black or white snapback or baseball cap. This is to ensure that you could mix and match with your outfit easily as black is a color that could mix well with all of the colors. 


Of course, it is not restricted to only BLACK AND WHITE color, you could go and buy other color but make sure it should match well with your outfit. 




Try to look as baggy as possible if you want to do streetwear style. And you may heard from a lot of people telling you try to avoid a loose-fitting pants if you're wearing an oversized hoodies or tee. Yes, it is true but it is an arguable statement too. Well, look at Hui Li, she doesn't really match a skinny pants with her oversized tee yet she try it with boyfriend jeans or a loose sport pants and surprisely, it came out well !



The last item would be the jacket. Choosing a right jacket could add a bonus point to your streetwear style. You could probably try out BOMBER JACKET, LEATHER JACKET, BASEBALL JACKET etc. Now, let's see how Hui Li choose the right jacket for her streetwear outfit. You may get inspired from the photos as shown below. 



Now you may want to know what brand should you look for streetwear right ? There is a lot of brand you could find but here I will just introduce 2 brands that Hui Li like to use in her streetwear outfit, which are SUPREME and FILA. I guess that everyone quite familar with these brands right?

Yes, these are the brand that famous for their SWAG and most of the streetwear fashionista are their fans too! So why not just join them and become their fans? You could go to their website to look for the style that you want, maybe could add it into your wardrobe too! >>>> SUPREME and FILA . 



So now do you still think that women could not pull off streetwear ? Will a woman lost her attractive if she dress like this ? Go and think about it and I think your answer will be same as mine, and also Hui Li. 



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