Japanese outdoor clothing brand F/ce has finally came to Taiwan and is opening up their first POP-UP store.

A variety of apparel that you should get your hands on F/ce.
Published on 27 November 2016

About F/CE.®】

Hailing from Japan, the brand F/CE. was established in 2010, hoping to bring high quality products to the mass market. In addition to high quality delicate designs, durable and strong light material construction, the brand aims to provide attractive bags that are durable enough for everyday use. Its design is mostly inspired by the founder’s travels, and it is created based on his experience when he travels to each country and learn its culture, music and traditions. Hence, different cultures and lifestyles in different countries that he has travelled to has resulted in product designs that are unique in their own ways. His vision is to provide extra joy through his products when his customers use these bags in their everyday life.

F/ce, formerly known as FICOUTURE, has released its latest military-inspired Fall/Winter 2017 collection. And most importantly, the are opening up their first POP-Up store in Taiwan!


The outdoor outfits trends have picked up a wide popularity throughout the past decade. Riding along earlier successes in dominating the outdoor accessories, F/ce are now venturing into daily clothing segment.  The strength in the brands lies in their unique ability in working with technical fabrics and making it palatable to the general public. 


Those who are familiar with F/ce are madly local to the brand. Originally from Japan, F/Ce was established in 2010 offering practical and qualities accessories. The brand secured their footing in the Europe market with their superior choice of materials yielding a durable product like no other. Their product like SACOCHE have gained both popularity and validation from the fashion industry. 


F/Ce opened its doors to the public in September in Taiwan’s well-known department store in Taipei’s "附近 by Plain-me" . It is the first ever pop-up limited time store. For its debut, they featured only 6 product lines, including the Authentic line which featured the durable nylon as its choice of material. They also brought in the wildly  popular water resistant Dry Line Series, Entry Level 950 Line, and also its Accessory Line.

The pop-up stores offers you the chance to purchase the brand's Spring and Winter collections and even stand a chance to win limited edition door gifts. Hence you should definitely pop by and experience it yourself. If you require additional information, you can visit their official website page or go through their Facebook webpage here.


F/CE.® FW17 Product Series

Authentic Line

Their premium Authentic Line is created with Cordura brand’s 1260 high tenacity fiber BALLISTIC nylon. The Cordura fabric has been regarded as highly durable, versatile and reliable. The product that is a result of their collaboration with INVISTA, which is a type of light and durable BALLISTIC nylon for their product.

The weft section utilizes filament yarn making it appear bright and attractive, completed with a dense weaving method. In fact, the entire product uses the same method of construction to make. Moreover, the bag straps are constructed from the same material used to make seat belts. The brands label CORDURA and the BALLISTIC series are etched into the bag as well to ensure the customer knows what they are paying for.


Dry Line

Being one of the most popular series, the Dry Line utilizes an ultrasonic fit fabric for effective waterproofting. It also includes life-sustaining equipment that can assist you the event of emergency. Constructed with CORDURA 500 Denier which is both water and tear resistance, it gives the customer a sense of confidence with regard to the bag’s quality and durability. In addition, the series offers an unique zip that is located behind the bag which supports an air column for a purpose of creating a makeshift life buoy or an pillow. The Dry Line combines elements brought from different high quality sports equipment, and focusing them into a single product. 


950 Line

The entry line 950 series were designed for students intended for their daily use.  It uses the 950 Denier fabric by CORDURA for its lightweight properties. Using two shoulder straps, it is sufficient for carrying loads catered for the average city dweller's lifestyle. As compared to other F/Ce product line, it has much simpler construction combined. The usage of CORDURA fabric gives a more attractive pricing that can appeal to a wider customer demographic. The bags come with CORDURA branding as well, in order to differentiate from counterfeits. 


Seasonal Line

F/Ce collaborate with INVISTA to create various fabric designs that are suitable for each season. Mainly constructed from a combination of 500 Denier and 200 Denier for decoration purposes. These fabric are combined with CORDURA nylon construction the product line's unique and durable properties. 


NO.3 Line

Our No.3 assumes daily usage with a focus on functionality, ease of use, size and coloring from a woman’s perspective, under the concept of “ladies need gear.” The design takes into consideration a woman’s perspective as well as unisex usage. In terms of functionality, the specifications are certainly not overly engineered, nor is its fashionable use of CORDURA 2×2 canvas, etc. simply a form of functional beauty from a woman’s perspective. This item integrates tastefully-fashionable specifications and functionality.


Accessory Line

As accessories become more and more coveted by the public in recent times, the brand takes the opportunity to create travel gear that are practical and have various usages for the mass market. The products are intended by its creators as a complement to a bag used by the purchaser. 


Source: F/CE_Tools

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