ANGELA.BABY wardrobe selection!

Hightlighting Angelababy fashion selection.
Published on 17 July 2017

Angela Yeung Wing (born 28 February 1989), better known by her stage name Angelababy, is a Chinese model, actress, and singer based in Hong Kong. Her stage name came from the combination of her English name "Angela" and her nickname "Baby"In 2013. Despite having a great appearance, she has been recognised as a fashion icon for her fashion taste. 

Angelababy big break came from the show <Keep Running / 奔跑吧>. Along with Huang Xiaoming, the sweet couple are always in the limelights. Being one of the top model from China, Angelababy has the looks and the body figure to back up that claim. 


She will always have a sweet look No matter how Angelababy’s face changes. She started out as a model with a height of 168 cm and a weight of 45 kg, and has never failed to maintain that figure throughout her career. Over the years, we discovered that she has a perfect aspect ratio and showing off that perfectly toned arms and face. She has also the confidence to pull of any deisnger dress on the red carpet. 

The show <> has greatly elevated her status in the industry. On the show, she managed to give out and exciting vibe despite only using simple make ups. Her slender figure has also benefit the production team, as she was well condition to the strenous activties on the show. 

AngelaBaby mostly wears outfits that encompasses the following: fur wear, leather jackets, a short skirt to show off her figure. Either that or she would pick out outfits that is light in colour such as pink or put on a cartoon sweater that would give herself a cute look.


Baby’s first highlight: Fur Long Coat

Fur outfits are usually reserved for those who prefer the luxury. There are couple of rules to observe while wearing furcoats, the first rule to not to combine necklaces and accessories that makes you stand out of the ordinary, as you would want the furcoat to be the centre piece. Matching it with jeans would complemend the fur. 

Baby’s petite figure matched with wide and large clothes make her appear very stylish. 


Second highlight : Short leather jacket

Short and black leather jacket is very stylish that is suitable for wear during summer and also springtime. It can also be matched with dresses, high waist shorts, trousers among others. Short girls can also look very cool and chic by putting on such an outfit.

Matching the jacket with a high waist skirt gives makes legs appear extra long!


Third highlight : Tight skirt

These tight skirts have become a favourite among the popular women in the showbiz industry as it shows off their slim figure and the curves.


Fourth highlight: Cartoon sweaters

Ange;aBaby is always out in the streets wearing young-looking and fashionable cartoon sweaters. These sweaters showcases a young-at-heart spirit and is always the centre of attraction. It can match well with the other accessories such as pencil skirts, chiffon skirts, leather pants, tapered pants among others.


Fifth highlight : Mini skirts

Waist high skirts, puffy skirts, printed chiffon skirt are good choices during the hot summer. These skirts hug your belly and hides the imperfections on your thigh which would in turn make you appear slim and have long legs. Therefore, it is important to find a suitable skirt to complement that beauty of yours..


Sixth highlight: Dark colored full body dress

As mentioned above, a body figure such as the one Baby has is very suited to wear these types of full body dresses. Of course, a sweet smile would definitely add an extra touch to your appearance. However, you should pick a quality dress that suits your body while maintaining the concept ‘less is more’. Dark colored single colour tone dresses can go very well with other bright colored jackets and small purses. For an additional info, long dresses that do not stretch beyond the knees matched with high heels could also create a look that makes your legs appear longer.


Seventh highlight : Michael Kors

From an age of 14, Baby has already made her first appearance in the showbiz industry as a model while branching into acting later in her career. After being in the industry for almost 10 years, she has garnered much popularity and not to mention all those glamarous hand bags!

Like any women, AngelaBaby likes to collect many variants and bag series.


Eighth highlight : White colored pencil pants + ankle boots

Baby can make the white pants look good while showing off her long legs at the same time.


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