Sexy yet Classy Outfit Ideas for Bralette!

Bralette with Class and Poise.
Published on 22 November 2017

For those whom are not so familiar, a bralette is basically a smaller crop top – another definition is a soft bra, usually lacy with a touch of feminism. Since bralettes come in so many designs, colors, and varieties, why not show it off? 

Showing off your bras because it looks amazing.

How to wear a bralette?

Given the versatility of bralette, there is always a unique way for women to wear the outfits. Irregardless of how you pair them with shorts, skirts, trousers or even tank top, they seem to always standout. Many feel self conscious about wearing bralettes, as it is a different from a normal bra and top routine. However,  many women of all shapes and sizes have mastered the art of the bralette and so can you, along with your pride and confidence intact. You could either  dress them up for a saucy look with a strappy backed ones, or to keep it simple with an elegant lace.

Here are 5 outfit ideas to show off your gorgeous bralettes!

#1 Backless top

A bralette is also great to wear along with a open back undershirt letting your bralettes show under open-back dresses or shirts. You can subtly show off that lacy bralette with a drop back sweater, t-shirt or even singlet. This is an adorable look, whether you’re going to a date or the gym. This outfit suit girls who are shy to show the bralette from front. Nevetheless, you can still opt to show your back through a sexy open-back top.

#2 Deep V fashion

Show off the front of your bralette with a v-neck. This is by far the most popular way to show off a bralette, but it’s a great way to do so! Let your bralette slightly peek out under a low V-cut shirt, tank, or dress with a lacy or strappy bralette. By showing just a tiny bit of lace and leaving the rest to the imagination, you too can tastefully pull off this daring trend.

Casual look with cheeky lace bralette under a grey deep V tshirt. Paired with black jeans, combat boots and leather jacket makes that look with attitude and confidence. 

A great style for uni students over the hot summer. White deep V tank top over a black bralette combined with shorts.


#3 Blouse

You can subtly show your bralette under a white shirt. The results are both amazing and stylish! Button Downs are  one of the most comfiest things around. A great outfit idea is to take one of taking our button downs and pair a bralette underneath. Utilize your white blouse for not only going to work or job interviews, but pair it over your bralette. This gives off a professional, yet flirty and sexy vibe. If you want to be more casual, just paired your white button down blouse and a black bralette with a denim pant or a cool ripped jeans. 

#4 Sheer top

Sheer tops are the perfect pieces to show off your bralettes. Many are intimidated by sheer tops because they are too revealing or too difficult to pair. with. However, part of the fun with sheer is that it shows off some skin! Secondly, sheer is more versatile than you would think. Dare to be bold! Wear your white sheer top over a bralette and don’t cover it up. It will look  fantastic irregardless it is solid black or has a touch of lace. As embroidery is making a comeback in 2017, try out some embroidered sheer top to perfect your look!


#5 Jacket

The combination between the bralette, a jacket(denim jacket or fur – keep it funky, and there’s nothing like it), pants, and boots is a perfect "Badass" Combination.  A captive look for both spring and summer, the black lace bralette under the knitted grey cardigan paired with fit jeans are an ideal match. Adding a jacket to layer it up your outfit to avoid being too revealing. This outfit is really fit for a girls-night-out! You can wear jacket before entering the club/bar. Once you entered the bar, just take off the jacket and we guarantee that you will be the center of the attention. 

Depending on how much skin you’re comfortable showing, try out the bralette fashion today!

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