How to reveal your long legs with the perfect skirt

Suggestion on your daily skirt and overall outfit
Published on 16 July 2017

In the golden era of mini skirts, it is time to show off your long leg. And here are some tips to take note for your daily reference. 

You have to stop wearing those baggy pants and hiding those lovely thighs from the eyes of the public. The short skirt trend has finally arrive, and should be part of your wardrobe. The skirt fits well as a casual wear, and it brings out the feminine side of you. Remeber Namie Amuro, who's claim to fame was due to this very outift.



For your Monday blues, you should wear good-looking clothes along your elegant and pencil skirt to bring out the playful side of you.



You could look for skirts that are more sporty-like and match it with a long sleeves cotton plain that allows you maximum comfort. This outlook is suitable for those youthful soul yet having an atheletic feel. 



Mid week are usually reserved for lady's night with your bff, where it is easy to match tight skirts with a sleeves top for a seductive look. 



Thursdays are reserved for the trendy hipster looks, where wearing skirts can give the impression of a young and innocent girl. A ramie cotton fabric skirt along with an ordinary top will be a winning combination. 



Fridays is where you can dress in a sexy and flirtatious way to send the message across that you’re ready to party! An off shoulder top matched with short skirt is the ideal combination.



On Saturdays, it is time for a date out with your boyfriend. Pick a denim short skirt to give yourself a youthful and sociable girlfriend look!



Sunday being the last day of the week, choose a casual outfit such as a short skirt along with a casual top. This way, you can enjoy chatting with them over coffee while mentally preparing for your next working day.


There are many combinations you can try out with your skirt, no matter if it is tight or loose, or if it has different materials. It is the trending era of short skirts and you should be out trying a new look with your short skirts everyday !

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