6 Fantastic Fashion Tips That'll Make You Look 5 Years Younger

Clothing styles that can hide your real age
Published on 31 October 2017

All women like to look young and this is why we take care of ourselves on a daily basis. There are factors contributing to how we appear to people around us. Apart from cosmetics, clothing is the most powerful tool to reflect your taste as a stylish woman. It's not difficult to imagine how would the wrong style of clothing could do to you! With a few simple tricks, you can turn yourself into a fashionista, looking effortlessly spectacular.

Let us share with you some tips on how to dress to look younger.


#1 Tote Bag

Who says you need leather bags to look chic? The simple canvas tote with various design and pattern certainly completes a young street fashion look. Although simple, this normcore and minimalistic fashion could be a perfect accessory to upgrade your look. And it is definitely cheap and comes in handy in every daily-life situations: shopping, going for lectures or just simply an accessory to add point to your overall style.


#2 T-Shirt

Don't underestimate a T-Shirt!

T-shirts are extremely comfortable and go well with most pants, jeans, or shorts. A nice and fit t-shirt shows your body’s curves, oversized t-shirt is comfy and gives you a casual kind of style. And did you just say we don't need to iron?! T-shirt is definitely a must in your wardrobe, just grab it and out enjoying life! 


#3 Shorts / Skirts

Just because your age is increasing doesn't mean your hemline has to as well. Therefore, wear a suitable shorts and skirts that will make you look younger! Feeling young is all about being confident in yourself, in your body and wearing everything in style! A shorts or skirts on you with a pair of shoes that goes well with it will definitely add edge to your style! 


#4 Caps

Baseball caps make the perfect summer accessory. They are functional too as they shield your face from the sun. Being young and carefree you might want to be prepared for any activities! Just grab the cap, hide your messy hair and go! A baseball cap is a great addition to a casual outfit, pair them with a casual dress or a crop top, and you will rock that cool-girl-look!


#5 Sneakers

Chunky heels and platform shoes makes your feet sore. Why not wear a pair of sneakers instead! We’re at a point where it’s completely okay to wear sneakers not only for sports, and that’s amazing because sneakers are so comfortable! Your outfit looks instantly younger and more casual when it goes with sneakers. Talking about looking cute in wedding dress with sneakers, isn't it a girl's dream to appear pretty in wedding gown without the high heels that kill your feet?


Stay young. Stay Confident! 

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