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Published on 30 January 2018

It could be a challenge to pack for a vacation, we usually romanticize every destination, dreaming up scenarios and the accompanying outfit like we are in the midst of drama and capture every precious moment. Still spending a lot of time to edit the photos? You can save it up by wearing the right outfit. A right outfit with proper colour will synchronize with the scenery and make a good picture. One striking photo is worth a dozen of ordinary ones. Let's discover outfit ideas for different vacations, making them an awesome backdrop of your very own fashion runway. 


1. Beach 

If it's a seaside vacation, the safest mix and match concept is nautical style with the colour blue and white. Matching the sandy white beach and turqoise water, keeping your outfit in nautical style will bring out a harmonious look of the scenery and the character.


|  Nautical Style - Blue and White |

Matching the blue seas and the white sand with your nautical style outfit.


| Seasonal Prints |

Wearing garment with seasonal prints with bright colour emphasises YOU as the main character of the photos. For those who has no confidence in wearing this kind of style on normal days this is the best time for you to rock this style!.



2. Sea of Flowers

Tips of taking a great vacation photo is to show the engagement between the people and scenery. We all know that sea of flowers is normally striking in bright colours. To look stunning in your photos, you need a contrasting colour, white is always the best choice!  

| White Is Not Leaving Blank |

Unadorned is the new kind of embellishment.


| Delicate Beige and Earth Tone |

Keep it soft and simple.



3. Amusement Park 

Going to spend a thrilling day in an amusement park? Here we have some guides to what to wear to an amusement park. Depending on when and the genre of amusement park you are going, your outfit can be coordinated to fit the occasion. But you will never go wrong with cute outfit when going to an amusement park. As it involves a lot of walking, lace up your sneakers or choose a pair of comfortable sandals and get ready to visit the happiest place on earth!


| Youthful Comfy Outfits |

Let's pair up your outfit with your besties when making a trip to an amusement park.



4. Farm and Greenfield 

Keep this concept in mind -- you have to keep your outfit colour as simple as possible if the background is unified with high saturated colour. Sometimes, less is more. White or pastel coloured outfit can help to compliment your gentle and soft temperament. If you want to create a livelier character then go for mustard coloured outfit. I know some people might be afraid of putting on this unusual colour but you have to give it a try. Trust me, I'm sure that you will love this colour once you try it!


| Less is More |

Using light and pastel colours to express a gentle and girly temperament.


| Mustard to Create Pops |

A try that you will never regret.



5. Maple Leaf 

When visiting a street or place which is full of maple trees in the autumn, they should be the highlight of the taken photos. Keeping the outfit in earth tone to compliment the gorgeous reddish orange maple leaves. Avoid wearing bright coloured outfit to structure the image better and enhance the engagement between the scenery and the character.


| Earth Tone To Anchor Connection Between The Background and The Character |

Don't overdo the mix and match. 


6. Cherry Blossom 

Still thinking what to wear for spring? Here are some tips for you. Pastel colours are perfect enough to complement the light pink or white blossoms. Besides, you can also consider to wear floral prints which perfectly match with the cherry blossom to create a more feminine appearance.


| Lovely Pastel |


| Floral Prints |




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