4 One Piece Dress Fashion that'll have you ready in under 30 minutes!

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Published on 07 September 2017

Some mornings just does not go quite as planned. While not everyone might be a fashion expert and most of us waste a lot of time deciding what to put on today.  Let us introduce the "One Piece Dress" a simple outfit when you're unsure what to wear or running late for that 10am appointment! These for 4 outfits will help you get ready in a jiffy!

Tee Dress Outfit

The name Tee Dress simply means T-shirt dressTee means tshirt. It’s literally exactly what it sounds like: a T-shirt that is long enough to be considered a dress. Tee dresses are the perfect work-weekend-dressy-or-casual-piece.  They are so so versatile and are worth the purchase. If you are a fan of minimal fashion, just try out monochrome tee dress! Minimalism is the key in this era of fashion!

Pair it with a denim jacket and sneakers and you’ve got a complete one piece outfit in under 5 minutes! Also check out our style guide for pairing denim here!

Feel bored with plain tee dress? Try out striped dress which makes you looks very chic and cool!

If you want to have long sleeves outfit to keep you warm in an air cond room, long sleeves tee dress definitely suits you perfectly.

Off the shoulder dress

The off the shoulder dress is a piece to show your feminine side yet revealing some skin giving that slight sexy touch. There are an ideal choice for vacations or events. You may have off-the-shoulder dresses with a comfy pair of kicks, or dress it up with a chic pair of heels! Also do not forget to play to spice things up with bags and other accesories. 

Accessories like Panama hats and roman sandals keep this look easy but still chic.

Make your look more unique by picking out a bright off-the-shoulder dress and wearing some delicate lace up flat sandals.

A black off-the-shoulder dress is both glamarous and so beautiful. Piaring along with a sunglasses & a choker, and high heels, you’ll literally look like a model from the Summer 2017 adverstistment!


Halder Dress Outfits

Halter dresses are usually one of the smartest, most fashionable and glamorous outfits that you must have in your wardrobe. Not only does the frock displays the skin in an unexpected way by highlighting your collarbone and shoulders, but it also drives away attention from your legs or hips and primarily focuses on the upper part of your body. So, if you are someone who is not too confident about your legs, hips, thighs or abs then the halter dress is perfect for you.

Never ever buy halter dresses that are way too large or too small for your body. If you are going for a large halter dress for yourself then it might give you a weird look, making you look fat. 

While wearing a halter dress you must avoid all sorts of necklace or any other neck piece. A halter dress as explained above mostly comes with straps that are tied behind the neck. 

Long Dress Outfit

Long dresses have that elegant and sweet style that will elevate your feminine side.  Not only it can be worn for casual days, it can also be worn for professional and formal occasion. Even If you are short, don't feel limited by this fashion. Contrary to popular belief, a short girl CAN wear a long dress.  Mixing with solid colors, especially darker ones, this outfit will definitely make a short person appear taller. Besides, aim for a top-of-the-toe-grazing length.

Go for pastel dresses if you plan on looking especially charming for the whole day.  Pastel colors are ideal for sunny spring and summer when you want to look fresh. You can try baby blue or baby pink color to be a sweetest girl on the spot!

Pairing them with sandals and a neutral sling bag for completing the look.

Our women's casual dresses are a wardrobe essential for your off-duty days.

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