Backpack Edition : The Mysterious Occupation

A must read for backpack lovers and collectors
Published on 27 November 2016

Thailand has been always been a favorite destination for travelling. A country filled with ancient history and rich culture. Not to forget, it is also a paradise for shopping and great deals. The country nurtured many young talented designers to create many potential fashion brands.

Do you know about the upcoming backpack brands for the locals? Here is some great backpack designs with some recommendation which might suit to your character.


Folder Daypack by Quote Studio

Folder Daypack is truly minimal in design, combination of simplicity and modern. Their backpack has a big opening and easily accessible to load and unload your stuffs.

If you are the beholder of Folder Daypack. You will be " The Inventor ". You are a very creative person. Viewing things differently is your main trait and you often think ahead of others. You are unpredictable and sophisticated.


Troopers Original by Troopers Official

Troopers Original has a sporty outlook. It provides many compartment for the carrier to manage and organise different belongs into a one-to-go backpack. 

If you favor Troopers Original more than the others. You will be " The Explorer ". You are a very cheerful person, friendly and outgoing. You have the ability to emits positive vibes empowering people around you. You are the sunshine in most groups and people are lucky to have you.


Swift Backpack by Tathata Brand

Swift Backpack is classic and available in many colours and themes. There are total of 4 styles to carry this bag because it can be transform into from your ordinary backpack into a tote bag, hand bag or messenge bag depending on your situation.

If you picked Swift Backpack among these bag designs. You will be " The Artist ". You are a very attractive person with a strong character that guide you to your goals. You know what you want and how to set rules to to help yourself achieve them.

Note that all the bags are quality made and fully handcrafted in Thailand.

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