-5kg Outfit Ideas To Look Taller

Gaining weight within Lunar New Year?
Published on 12 March 2018

Gaining weight after the Lunar New Year and feeling annoyed when dressing up? No worries, we hear you. Here are some tips which you can follow to look slimmer and taller simultaneously! Once you have covered up your demerits and unveil slender body parts, no one will notice that you have gained some weight. Let's uncover these dressing tips.


1. Hight-Waisted Outfits  

Undeniable, we are enamored with the high-waisted outfit with the rise of Korean clothing style. You must have been wondering how the Korean idols have such perfect hourglass figure. You can be like them if you follow the given tips. Petite girls should give a try to high-waisted outfits as it helps in restructuring stature ratio, create an illusion which you are tall and slim. 

| Hight-Waisted Culottes | 

The essence of this outfit look is pairing oversized tops with loose culottes to keep your stout arms and plumpy hip in a veil while revealing your slender waist and ankles. Switching tops and footwear to fit for a different occasion to achieve a formal or casual look.

| Hight-Waisted Ruffle Skirt | 

To highlight your feminine side, you should try on ankle-length ruffle skirt. The small detail, ruffly flair will accentuate your slim ankles and will definitely render a slimmer appearance. Pairing with heels will create a softer look while mix and match with sneakers to illustrate a livelier appearance. 



2. Ripped Denim Shorts

Denim is always the choice of fabric in summer. however, something has changed these years. Rips, frays, and frilled trims continue to reign supreme in denim items. You should retire all your old booty pants and give a try to this perfect length of destroyed denim shorts. The tassel helps in creating an illusion of having perfect leg shape. 

| Donning Femininity | 

Extra kudos are given for styling up the sloppy ripped denim shorts with feminized fashion items for a more stylish look. 

| Layer Up To Create Pops | 

Layer look with different outerwear if you want to be more polished in ripped denim shorts.


3. Show Up Your Collarbone

Collarbones are the new cleavage. The right amount of skin exposure gives you a sexy yet trendy look. 

| Off The Shoulder Outfits | 

The reason why we are so into this silhouette is that it is always flattering which makes everyone looks stunning in it. The 'appropriate' amount of skin exposure reveals your collarbones that achieve an illusion of being slim and exquisite.


| Supreme V-Neck Outfits | 

V-neck outfit is one of the items which can make you look slimmer and you should really incorporate these fashion items into your wardrobe. Girls with a chubby face should not miss out this item as it will make your face look slimmer!


4. Above-The-Knee Dress 

The advantage of wearing above-the-knee dress and skirt is that you will look taller with golden body ratio. Long legs are especially important to portray a slim figure. If you are confident enough with your slender legs then you should absolutely show them off! Even if you don't have long legs, you can also create an illusion of having long legs, just remember to put on above-the-knee dress and skirt. Teaming above-the-knee dress with heels can visually elongate your legs.

| Above-The-Knee One Piece | 

Girls who have little fat on the tummy can choose one piece dresses which do not emphasize on the waistline to give a comfier and relax appearance. 


5. Synchronized Colour Outfits 

You must have been wondering how synchronized color outfits can help in making you look taller and slimmer, let me unveil this 'theory' with you. Synchronized colour outfits will remain the consistency of the overall styling look hence giving a seamless outfit appearance. Keep this concept in mind as it helps to hide all imperfections and only accentuate the slimmest body part. 

| Synchronized Colour Is Slimming | 


These simple wardrove tweaks help you to look thinner immediately in your clothes without hitting the gym and dieting!


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