5 Trendy Korean Short Hairstyles that you must try today!

Short Korean Hairstyles That'll Tempt You To Cut Your Hair.
Published on 13 March 2018

“The shorter the hair, the harder they stared." - Stephanie, 26

If you have always wanted to cut your long hair, there is no better time than now to ride on the short hair wave. The K-Drama industry has been dropping generous hints on the rising popularity of short hairstyles. It's not hard to understand why - Shorter hair is comfortable, low-maintenance and most importantly, it is versatile enough for most people.

It doesn't matter whether you're an introvert or extrovert, funky or demure - there's a style for every personality and hair type.

To make things easier for you, we've even included some styling ideas!

#1 Straight

The grass is always greener on the other side, everyone knows that girls with straight hair prefer curls and girls with curly locks strive to straighten them. If you have naturally straight hair and don’t want to style your hair with hot tools all the time, straight hair can be quite attractive compared to other hairstyles. You can find gorgeous short straight haircuts and styles whether you have thick or thin hair type. The most important thing surely is you can snooze for an extra half an hour because straight hair is the easiest hairstyle to tidy up!

#2 Bob

The bob haircut has always been loved and admired by many people. It sharpens ones features and makes them look trendy and charming. The bob is a timeless hairstyle that can be worn by everyone. With tons of modern and fresh takes on this haircut, you can customize it to match your personality. Whether you’re a rocker full of attitude, or the girl next door, a short bob can be a great hairstyle for you to make a statement. 


#3 Wob

If you always dreamed about volume, but your straight and fine hair just ain't doing the trick, you should opt for some waves. The wob (the wavy bob) is the right choice for you. A bob with waves. If your hair is long enough, make some braids and leave them overnight. When you unbraid them in the morning, you’ll love the result. With WOB hairstyle, paired it with a red lip. Be a sexy lady toady!


#4 Fringe

A short haircut has a unique way of making us look younger. It makes you look youthful and amazingly bright. Don’t worry about the length and any preferred fringe size will do. Eye-covering fringe will make eyes seem mysterious and their true shape will only be half visible if you try to make their eyes look bigger.


#5 Half bun

Want to try a cute yet practical hairstyle that takes less than 2 minutes to style every morning? Try the half bun then, as it is one of the most efficient to style! Contrary to popular belief, the half bun is still doable with short hair! Besides taking literally 2 minutes to do, this simple hairstyle also does not require a range of hair accessories to perfect. Just a hair band and a couple of bobby pins – and you’re set! The half up bun is perfect for people with thick hair who feel too hot when they leave all their hair open and get a headache when they tie it all in a bun. Perfect for a casual day at work or college and for a fancy date night, this half updo is perfect for any and all occasions.

So, this year try out short hair and these amazing ways to style it up. Without a doubt, you will look appealing and modish. Be a confident girl and you will steal the attention for sure!

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