We Can't believe that People actually love this color!

Keeping up with the latest shade of "Blue".
Published on 19 March 2018

The hottest, trendiest colors this year, not just the earth colors, mustard colors, but also this color that even the K-POP stars are in love with, IKEA blue! The blue is suitable for both guys and girls! Find out some outfit ideas below!



A hoodie is every girl’s best friend! A bright blue with a simple few words on the hoodie matching with simple jeans, sneakers and you have yourself looking like a trendy chic without even trying!


#Knitted Sweaters

If you prefer the more mature, feminine look, then knitted sweaters are for you! WIth the same bright IKEA blue, with only simple wordings and you will look absolutely perfect! This look projects the most adorable and bubbly person ever with bright yellow wordings.



As we all know, the sweatpants with obvious linings are the hype now, try this color with the similar design, and you will never wear the plain, old dull black ones ever again!



An outfit is never complete without accessories! Essentials like baseball caps and that pair of matching shoes that will light up your entire #OOTD! No worries about the blue being too bright and does not suit your outfit. Trust me, it’s as versatile as black, but much more attractive, definitely earning a few extra glances ;)


Source: popdaily | styleshare用戶@sejinn000

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